Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Dear Reader,

A heartfelt poetry welcome to you.

Just type the title into the space at the bottom of the month by month archives and after the Links in the right margin where it says: “SEARCH THIS BLOG” and hit Enter.  This will bring up the poem you have requested from the list of poems that follows this letter. Also you can click on any of the labels on the upper right hand side of your screen and find surprise poems. You will see what I mean if you do so.

You can also click on the ten entries under Popular Posts which represent poems people have liked the most over the last 30 days.  And even though they are "popular" they are not at all "stuck up" because I would smack them if they were. (I am their mother, so to speak)

If it doesn't (bring them up), you can look at the poems by month and year under the blog archives. After you click on month and year under archives you would just keep clicking on older posts at the bottom of the page until you found the title you were looking for. 

If you don’t wish to do this, scroll past this list to where the poems begin and just click on Older Posts when you reach the bottom of the page and you can go through the poems chronologically that is from most recent posts and back.  If this doesn't work, just pray. That's my general rule for everything and it has often helped me so I endow you with it, too. (if you need endowing).(I forgot to say you can also enter the title of the poem you wish for in the little window in the top left hand of the screen.

And if you find as you read the titles of the poems that some will loom larger, while others shrink smaller,and some with a cheshire smile just fade out of view-then just remember Alice and especially remember that she got out of it all alive and still with cheerful demeanor or at least no one ever said: otherwise.

For all family, friends and teachers past, present, and future.  God bless and keep you on your way.

And eternally to the Russian poets Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam and Boris Pasternak who continued singing their personal, highly individual music, lyrical poetry from their own souls as before God at the risk not only of personal reputation, but life itself in the face of political propaganda and ill-conceived conformity, massive cruelty, in other words, in the mouth of hell they did not rebrand themselves. Why should they? They were already the poets they were supposed to be and they knew it.

Anyone wishing to write their own poems, famous or not, take heart. The people who love poetry the most are not always only the people with their name up in lights. It matters that you write poetry if you deeply feel to do so. If you deeply feel to do so, you are a poet no matter what anyone says.

Use the internet to share your poems,if you wish especially poemhunter.com. It (poemhunter)is a very kind and friendly website. I would suggest as well as wordpress.com, blogger.com and there are others. God keep you safe. You don't have to tolerate bullies criticizing your poems. If this happens to you, just leave that site. Many blogs allow you to delete trashy comments.

I also must confess the poet I love the best beyond all other poets (as so many do, I know) is Rainer Maria Rilke who also famously fell in love with Russia.

And I am deeply inspired by Valerie Macon, briefly, poet laureate of North Carolina for her bravery under fire, unfailing kindness and her deep abiding love for poetry and for the worth of self published and amateur poets not only throughout our state, but, I believe, the world. She is the real deal, as we say in American English.

May all countries and ethnicities, let me make a distinction here on which everything depends - all individuals - find and hold onto through every difficulty the God-given languages of beauty and of the heart as you did, for the sake of God and for the peace and innocence of all our children.

And may we find the dream language beyond all sorrows that will not allow us to abandon hope and the home that the arts provide us glimpsing as Yeats said so wonder-filled, “Eternal Beauty, wandering on her way.”

Best wishes, thoughts and prayers to anyone finding this blog on purpose or coincidentally.  I hope my poems make you happy. Although I am unable to answer comments at this time, I read every comment sent to me,  God Bless You (from my “family” to yours!). And still I mull over all the ones who can't leave my heart, my poems: The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Walter De La Mare, RAY BRADBURY...

May you always speak and be spoken to in diamonds, never toads. (See the poem Note from Home, Years Later, in Reply to a Note from School if you wish, for further explanation, or the Peruault Fairytale I was initially inspired by which is called either Toads and Diamonds or Diamonds and Toads but which I am calling Toads and Diamonds so that my last word to you here can be a diamond.) 

Mary Angela Douglas


As If It Could Be That Way

Speaking English 
Another Crystal Ship Is Going Down
Particoloured Tears Are Falling Through the Evening Blind
Going North
Cinderella. Cendrillon


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Chivalry Is Not Dead Came Over The Rattling Wires (may 2017)

Arriving On The Same Day You Are Going (may 2017)

Singing The Tempera Blues (may 2017)

With The Magi In The Early Dusk (may 2017)

The Documentary On Snow (may 2017)

Our Red And Green Houses Bloomed (may 2017)

Home Schooling Wasn't In The Rule Book Back Then (april 2017)

These Transcendent Qualities (april 2017) 

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Poverty Is A Wound That Cannot Heal (april 2017)

God Is Not An Idea (april 2017)

To The Agencies Whatever They Are Now (april 2017)

To Corinth, To The Corinthians (april 2017)

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It's Sure To Come True (april 2017)

I'm Certain That Jesus Was Not That (april 2017)

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You In Your White Dress Crying (april 2017)

Castle Keep (april 2017)

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Not To Be Driven Away (april 2017)

Strawberry Quartz, Home For A Day (april 2017)

The Return To Singing (april 2017)

History (april 2017)

The End of Measuring, Of Being Measured Is The Beginning Of Learning (april 2017)

We Are All The Petals To Come (april 2017)

The Backyard Of The Iris (april 2017)

Where The Rose Is No Longer Found (april 2017)

Kenst Du Das Land (march 2017)

Where Wings Collide Not (march 2017)

She Remembers The Word Corona, Crown, The Halo Around The Sun (march 2017)

Diagramming the Sentence Or, The Sentence Commuted (march 2017)

Did We Play Hide And Seek With God (march 2017)

To Children, In Their Dreams (march 2017)

They Couldn't Say (march 2017)

Branches (march 2017)

The Future Is Coming To Me, Did They Sing (march 2017)

The Peach Coloured Castle: A Minor Historian's View (march 2017)

Jane Eyre (march 2017 rev.)

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Going Off Script (march 2017)

On The Jeweled Road Home Or The Ruby Glass Found (march 2017)

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Bette (march 2017)

Candyopia (march 2017)

Rose Words In Carmine, The Delicate Tea Rose Shades (march 2017)

It's Mango Gold In The Supermarket Of Dreams (march 2017)

Where We Live Now (march 2017)

Could Forever Have Been (march 2017)

Still Dreaming It All Up (march 2017)

Fata Morgana (march 2017)

For Robert Osborne, Monarch Of Movies (march 2017)

Queens Of The May (march 2017)

Some Things I Wanted To Ask Him (Meaning, God) (march 2017)

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The Diamond Wind And Where It Has Gone (march 2017)

Poetry Brittle (march 2017)

We Loved Old Road Maps (march 2017)

Were You The Earthquake They Predicted (march 2017)

On The Great Novelists Neglected (march 2017)

Imagination, Memory's Dower (march 2017)

If The Apple Blossom, The Cherry Or The Plum (march 2017)

On Beautiful Imagaination (march 2017)

What Shall I Send But An Envelope Of Stars (march 2017)

Secret Flights (march 2017)

To Oz From An Evergreen Distance (march 2017)

Who Knows When (march 2017)

Vestibule (march 2017)

Song To Be Sung In An Overpoliticized Age (march 2017)

A Visitation (march 2017)

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In Memorium, To The Poets Before (february 2017)

Screenplay (february 2017)

Said The Child Of Silver To The One Of Gold (february 2017)

Time's Impenetrable Span (february 2017)

Fading From The Fabled World (february 2017)

Snow Moon, Comet And The Gold Ellipse (february 2017)

The History Of Snow (february 2017)

The Library Of Clouds (february 2017)

Looking At Pictures Of The Loggias In Snow (february 2017)

English Literature (february 2017)

Zeitgeist (february 2017)

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Reading The First Chapter (january 2017)

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The Circus And The Golden Door (january 2017)

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Credo (january 2017)

Good Thinking (january 2017)

What Could We Carry In Our Hands (january 2017)

Oh, I Believe (january 2017)

Choose One (january 2017)

A Thin Slice Of Cake With Posies On The Side For My Grandmother (january 2017)

We Wanted To Be Cake Topper Ballerinas (january 2017)

Pear Song For The Princess (january 2017)

Children Sighed For The United States Of Snow (january 2017)

Two Angels Watch Me (january 2017)

The Dark Mirror Reflects Nothing (january 2017)

Out Of Sync With The Spinning World (january 2017)

I Thought The Beautiful World Had Come (january 2017)

Small White Stones (december 2016)

The Ink On The Clouds Is Fading (december 2016)

Shop Window Shopping On Display (december 2016)

Where Is The Place I Try To Find (december 2016)

Thus Had The Beautiful World Just Come To Be (december 2016)

The Works Of Imagination Dim (december 2016)

And I Have Been Scolded In Dreams (december 2016)

Forgotten (december 2016)

In Old Stories It Is Often Told (december 2016)

There Is A Golden Thread Through It All (december 2016)

Other People's Christmases (december 2016)

No Harm To Thee, Andrew Marvell (december 2016)

Pinkdom (december 2016)

American Gadgets And Whirligigs (december 2016)

Sometimes It Makes Me Sad (december 2016)

The Problem You Can Solve For Yourself (december 2016)

Minimalism Has Its Little Daylight (december 2016)

Even Now (december 2016)

In Spring And The Lady Slipper Stories (december 2016)

Ghost Ships I Have Seen (december 2016)

They Seem Afraid To Write About The Stars (december 2016)

Some Ballet (december 2016)

Christmas Standing Still (december 2016)

Child Of Immensity (december 2016)

Committee (december 2016)

Kind Ghosts (december 2016)

Today A Leaf Fell (december 2016)

The Constancy Of Snow As Perhaps, Invisible (december 2016)

Song For The Last Interview (2009;slight rev. december 2016)

There Was A Language Before We Came (december 2016)

I Remember The Pear Tree (december 2016)

Time And Motion Studies In The Factory Of Light (december 2016)

And In Their Dreams The Sound Of Waters (december 2016)

The Colours Of The Tree Of Night (december 2016)

On The Day After Kingdom Come (december 2016)

Taken Into Account, Obscurely Dreamed (november 2016)

Falling Off The World We Came To See (november 2016)

It Was What We Wanted To Learn (november 2016)

We Did Not Dream Of Weddings (november 2016)

Setting The Table (november 2016)

For Dylan Thomas In The Dark Blue Dusk, In The Dust Of Words (november 2016)

The Teakettle Rosily Sings On The Hob And Dreams (november 2016)

Doll Weddings Made The News (november 2016)

Farewell To The Legends (november 2016)

Have Chains Of Sadness Bound You, Second Variation (november 2016)

The Things They Forgot To Tell You (november 2016)

I Had A Feeling About The Stars (november 2016)

The Snow Maid Tries To Think In Words (november 2016)

The Gleaning (november 2016)

And If You Need Rest (november 2016)

I Saw (november 2016)

Say That An Angel Came Instead (november 2016)

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We Are All Unlikely People (november 2016)

To Come Into The World, To Leave Like Snow (november 2016)

For This (november 2016)

Poetry With No Prizes 2 (november 2016)

Eternal Music Turns The Page (november 2016)

How Will I Make The Song Outlast My Heart (october 2016)

Perhaps There Will Be Ships In The Afternoon (october 2016)

Annunciation (october 2016)

The Beautiful World Has Gone We Never Said (october 2016)

The Book Of What Is Left (october 2016)

Theories Of Time In The Ice Cream Shoppe (october 2016)

Where Things Turn To Gold Of Their Own Accord (october 2016)

Our Grandmother Says "Paprika" To Us At The Kitchen Table (october 2016)

A Ghost Story For Mr. Barrie (october 2016)

The Dream Of The Novel: An Introduction
(october 2016)

Where She Left Her Eyeglasses (october 2016)

Were You (october 2016)

Music Box (october 2016)

Over Spoken Word (october 2016)

Real Poetry Is A Haunted House (october 2016)

Since That Afternoon (october 2016)

Epilogue (rev. october 2016)

All (october 2016)

We Will Start Over (october 2016)

The Wright Brothers Raid The Kitchen Drawer, December 1903 (october 2016)

To The French Majolica Plate With Or Without Strawberries (october 2016)

Epilogue (october 2016)

Editing (october 2016)

On The Mirrors of Arvo Part And His Departure (october 2016)

The Wing of Blue (october 2016)

Avenue Mandelstam (october 2016)

Treefall (september 2016)

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Have Chains Of Sadness Bound You (september 2016)

At Home The Day Of The Swap Meet (september 2016)

Doll Poems (september 2016)

Near The Shade Trees Outside The Gates (september 2016)

Cherry Kerchief (september 2016)

Red and Gold (september 2016)

The Colours of Hydrangea (september 2016)

Later Historians Coming Upon The Site (september 2016)

An Ordinary Sky Might Rain Down Pearls (september 2016)

Player Piano (september 2016)

The Letter You Write To The End Of The World (september 2016)

The Faille Snows (august 2016)

Questionaire Concerning The White Horses (august 2016) 

Lunch Money (august 2016)

The Kingdom Of Maraschinos (august 2016)

A Final Thing To You Will Be Said (august 2016) 

Premonition (august 2016)

Unknown Hearts (august 2016)

Was I By The Ochre Or The Rubied Trees (august 2016)

And Did They Guide With Flowers In Their Hair (august 2016)

Little Bugs (august 2016)

There Is A White Silence (august 2016)

Let There Be Lanes (august 2016)

Singing Was Different Then (august 2016)

They Blocked The Roads So That We Could Not Run (august 2016)

The Last Day On Earth (august 2016)

Here Was A Kind Of Countryman (august 2016)

There Is No Condemnation (august 2016)

The White Ship On The Waters of Braille (august 2016)

As It Snows (august 2016)

As If We Could, After All (august 2016)

A Cherry Lemonade For The Man On The Velocipede Please (august 2016)

The Poem With Parentheses;Some Butterflies (august 2016)

Getting Through The Day (august 2016)

We, The Living Equations (august 2016)

Oh Lord Let Me Be Accurate As To The Colours (august 2016)

The Red Shoes (august 2016)

Mending In Time (august 2016)

How (august 2016)

Then Would You Be The Lady Of The Sky (august 2016)

A Fable Of Sorts Of Hearts (august 2016)

A Modern Explanation Of An Historical Occasion (august 2016)

Installations (august 2016)

First Day Of School Or Soon After (august 2016)

How Would It Be On The Balcony (august 2016)

The Poet Dreams Of Pies (august 2016)

Did They All (august 2016)

The Snow Queen In Transit (august 2016)

By Summer Rains Apprehended (august 2016)

Once (august 2016)

Stars Have Flown Over Us And Birds (august 2016)

Recitative, Washington D.C. Captive Nations Rally July 1-2, 1983

Green Dream (august 2016)

Like The Honeycomb (august 2016)

Tall Tale (august 2016)

Lost Role (july 2016)

Lemon Stars Over The Patio (july 2016)

It Grows Dim For The Astronauts (july 2016)

Or What They Were (july 2016)

We Built The Perfect Dollhouse (july 2016)

Only The Skies Knew She Was There (july 2016)

The One Who Writes In Crooked Letters (july 2016)

There Are Some Things You Will Know (july 2016)

Emily, No Letters In Hand (july 2016)

There Was A Piano That Hid The Sound of Rains (july 2016)

Reading The Book By Heart And In My Sleep (july 2016)

Demitasse (july 2016)

Not Spoken Is Still Lived (july 2016)

Elegance (july 2016)

The Beautiful, Not The Perfect Weather (july 2016)

White Roads (july 2016)

What Alice Found There, Variation No. 1 (july 2016)

Ithaca Is Not Here (july 2016)

Goodbye and Yet, Not (july 2016)

Last December's Poet (july 2016)

Knowing This, Be Comforted (july 2016)

Only This (july 2016)

While Others Weep (july 2016)

Iridescences (july 2016)

Farewell To The Ship In The Harbour (july 2016)

Under Some Western Sky (july 2016)

Better Than Roses, Thank You St. Therese (july 2016)

We Were Incapable Of Anything But Beauty (july 2016)

It Must Be The Rose Crowned Adagio (july 2016)

Not Yet (july 2016)

The Dreams of Departure, The Signs Of Going Away (july 2016)

Cottage (july 2016)

The Dreams Of Descartes On Falling Apart (july 2016)

How It All Turned Out (july 2016)

Kingdom (july 2016)

The Way That You Thought Then (july 2016) 

Is This The Page The Angels Turn (july 2016)

Little House (2016)

Pink Paper With A Scalloped Edge (2016)

Antique Shop Reverie No. 5 (2016)

Complaint To The Vanishing Lute (2016)

Cherry Velvet (july 2016)

Secretarial Manual, Scrawled On The Blank, Back Pages (july 2016)

Ruined Illium, Again (july 2016)

A Candied, Christmas Promise Swirled (july 2016)

Costume Parties, Summers At Home (july 2016)

All The Names I Have Held In My Heart (july 2016)

It's All Elliptical We Said (july 2016)

Coffeecake Saturday (july 2016)

Fusillade (july 2016)

To Mary O'Hara: Her Harp And Song (july 2016)

Shifted (july 2016)

All Those Golden Roadblocks That You Send O Lord (july 2016)

This Is The Play Where The Fire Won't Burn (july 2016)

Some One Told You The Old Stories (july 2016)

The Word of Brightness In a Dark Tree Perched (july 2016)

Somewhere, After Christmas (july 2016)

You Cannot Know (july 2016)

While The Winds (july 2016)

Even The Earth (july 2016)

But We Will Be Beautiful (july 2016)

Rest Like Water (july 2016)

Though No One Pays Me To (july 2016)

Lifting The Veil Of Light (july 2016)

We Once Heard What Cannot Be Unlearned (july 2016)

You're The One That Wanted To Fly Out The Window (july 2016)

They Have Whirred Into The Silent Worlds (july 2016)

To A Saint's Childhood, Rayed In Gold (july 2016)

To Certain Poets Whom I Cannot Get Out Of My Mind (july 2016)

The Honey White Crystaled On The Spoon (july 2016)

A Passing (july 2016)

They Will Steal Your White Weddings (july 2016)

To The One For Whom Tears Are Useless (june 2016)

The Poets Enter Heaven (june 2016)

Space Quest, Long Ago Summer (june 2016) 

Musicale (june 2016)

Because She Was Going Away (june 2016)

The One Writing You On Lavender Stationery (june 2016)

We Couldn't Be Any Happier (june 2016)

While The Music Swells (june 2016)

When The Golden Ship Went Down (june 2016)

Base Camp (june 2016)

As Though Filtered Through Violets (june 2016)

The Things That In Your Heart Hold Sway (june 2016)

The Math Of Stars, The Distances (june 2016)

Forever (june 2016)

Will You Travel With A Suitable Heart (june 2016)

Yesterday, In A Green Garden (june 2016)

Summers, At The Beginning (june 2016)

I Promised You What Could Not Happen (june 2016)

Think About Your Future (june 2016)

Why Does Enchantment Keep Wearing Off (june 2016)

Then Earth Remembers You (june 2016)

In A Much Better Mood (june 2016)

Leaving (june 2016)

Saints With Their Roses (june 2016)

Time Is The Picture Book You Said (june 2016)

Advice For The Dedicated Reader Much Maligned (june 2016)

Sleeping In A Time Of War (june 2016)

The Secret I (june 2016)

The Rose Down Of The Sun Shall Ride (june 2016)

Sometimes (june 2016)

Dream Garden (june 2016)

Coming Back To The Hedges In Bloom (june 2016)

Margins (june 2016)

The Secret Land (june 2016)

Greeting Card (june 2016)

The True King Is Always Weary On The Road (june 2016)

This Is The Dream Book (june 2016)

How To Create Time (june 2016)

Let Birdsong Come (june 2016)

Aubade (june 2016)

The Only Righteous Thing To Do (june 2016)

I Dreamed That It Was Snowing Light (june 2016)

In The Arkansas Woods (june 2016)

In A Snood Like Juliet's (june 2016)

As We Planned (june 2016)

To Sharon F. Douglas, My Sister (june 2016)

With Pink Trees (june 2016)

Oh, Julietta (june 2016)

Keyless (june 2016)

The World Of Trees (may 2016)

On Receiving A 50 Lb. Carton Of The Great Books (may 2016)

This Is (may 2016))

Blind (may 2016)

You'll Carry Your Pink Parasol In Heaven (may 2016)

We'll Wear White Like The Bride Dolls (may 2016)

The Rose And The Gold Has Lined His Mind (may 2016)

We Move Through Space (may 2016)

They Are Not The Gateway (may 2016)

Then Let The Soul Be Freed (may 2016)

God Used A Mirage To Help Us (may 2016)

How To Read The Music When You Are Far From Home (may 2016)

In The Land Of Infinite Franchise (may 2016)

Poetry And Its Banishment (may 2016)

There Were Flowers There (may 2016)

I Live Like Light Years Do (may 2016)

Doors (may 2016)

I Get Random Telegrams From Old Wars (may 2016)

Oh God, Wedged In, I Praise (may 2016)

What Was It You Wanted To Know (may 2016)

Leaving It All Behind (may 2016)

Shine (may 2016)

I Am Awake Yet I Am Asleep (may 2016)

I Sent Messages (may 2016)

Unto The Folkloric, The Embroidered Threads Of Song (may 2016)

Reading For Comprehension (may 2016)

Mirage (may 2016)

I Understand A Little (may 2016)

The Glorious Salvage (may 2016)

If You've Left It (may 2016) 

The Dowery (may 2016)

Let Roses Unfold Like Myths Unto Themselves (may 2016)

Party Planning (may 2016)

The Ice Minted Green Of The Luna Moth (may 2016)

The President Of Peppermint (may 2016) 

In The Library Of The Paramount (may 2016)

I Saw The Salient Stars In A Sky Of Flame (may 2016)

Cherry Dress From Goodwill (may 2016)

Imbibing The Pink Of The Day (may 2016)

It's As Likely To Be Found (may 2016)

Soda Fountain Ghost Dream (may 2016)

Practical English In Three Volumes (may 2016)

Outpost (may 2016)

Poetry Is The Gold, Past Deconstructing (may 2016)

Here We Have Thieves Of Metronomes, Images (may 2016)

She Would Take The Cuttings From The Snowball Bushes (april 2016)

Why Can't We Leave Like Flowers In The Wind (april 2016)

Then (april 2016)

First Day of Summer's Nightmare's The Worst (april 2016)

Apricot Sunset, Vanilla Lamplight, Bright (april 2016)

Did It Make Our Happiness Less (april 2016)

I Thought They Had Stolen The Skies (april 2016)

I Have Been Where The Masques Are No Carnival (april 2016)

The Xylophone Remembrances (april 2016)

I Said Goodbye To The Saucer Eyed Dogs (april 2016)

Commencement (april 2016)

Dear God, Lift The Lid Off The Box I Am In (april 2016)

Gingerbread With Silver Beaded Buttons (april 2016)

Something Will Be Lost (april 2016)

Big Rock Redux (april 2016)

The Great Tinkerbell Debate Which Had A Strong Possibility Of Actually Happening (april 2016)

It Is The Beautiful Patois (april 2016)

She Praises Apples Effusively (april 2016)

This Morning I Remembered Morning Glories (april 2016)

Let Us Be Kind (april 2016)

To My Sister From The Pale Blue Toyroom (april 2016)

Home For Dinner, Dusk Again (april 2016)

Promised (april 2016)

Could There Have Been A Day In Ancient Greece (april 2016)

Old Alphabets Haunt My Dreams (april 2016)

Roses, Roses, Roses (april 2016)

Such A Pink Cloud (april 2016)

If You Just Tried (april 2016)

O Words, Not My Words;No Longer (april 2016) 

Saturday Praised (april 2016)

I Am Going Away Where Words Are Not Arguments (april 2016)

Deep In Our Enchantments (april 2016)

Saturday Praised (april 2016)

In The Studio Of The Departing Aviator (april 2016)

The Singular Dream Of The Elephant Man (april 2016)

It Isn't So Much Magic As It Is, Beauty (april 2016)

Up Close (april 2016)

Going Home (april 2016)

Allergic To Coffee, Not On The Scene (april 2016)

To Christopher Morley In Heaven At The Feasts (april 2016)
There Were Lilac Wasps In The Picture (april 2016)

Storyteller (april 2016)

Please Turn The Page (april 2016)

We Never Did (april 2016)

This Is My Confession To The Roses (april 2016)

Could We Help It If We Thought (april 2016)

They Want Us To Believe In The Dark Ages (april 2016)

You Imagine Yourself On Dry Land Sometimes (april 2016)

Will There Be A Cottage There (april 2016)

Witnesses (april 2016)

Wanted: Any Book With These Attributes (april 2016)

Cinderella, Early Days Still (april 2016)

Peter Ibbetson (april 2016)

Cussin' Without Cuss Words Lesson One (april 2016)

I Wrote On A Page Of Light (april 2016)

Maybe I Have Invisible Friends (april 2016)

To Those Who Dream In The Dark And Cannot Do Otherwise (april 2016)

April In Fairy Tale Weather (april 2016)

Is Sean Hannity Irish American Or What (april 2016)

Thread (april 2016)

But The Snows...(april 2016)

To Certain Persons, Poets Who Use Christ As a Fashion Accessory Or Throw-Away Cultural Aside (april 2016)

Not Today;No MFA;Thank You (april 2016)

O Won't You Remember The Popsicle Days (april 2016)

I Bless The Little Cobbling Cells That Mend My Wounds (april 2016)

Cherry Trumpets (april 2016)

No One Will Feel The Things That You Feel (april 2016)

Cats Do Not Trust Me (april 2016)

To William Blake (april 2016)

Alice, Midway Through (april 2016)

Alive (april 2016)

In Your Mind You Are The Most Beautiful Dancer (april 2016)

Temping Tonight Or Is It Tuesday A.M. (april 2016)

Iridescence Has A New Name Thanks To You (april 2016) 

Starting A Flower Garden In Your Room (april 2016)

Leave This Behind For The Children;Say I Was Kind (april 2016)


They Keep You In The Box Sometimes I Think, Jesus (april 2016)

What Difference Is It Who The Singer Is (april 2016)

Pilate, That Paragon Of Civility (april 2016)

Let Alice Live (april 2016)

Have You? (april 2016)

Vanishing Languages...(april 2016)

Really Poor People (april 2016)

I Read The Day Inside My Mind (april 2016)

Even Your Shadows Shine Oh God (april 2016)

End Of The Line (april 2016)

Merton's Last Words On The Subject (april 2016)

The Poem Confesses It's Happy It Didn't Win The Contest (march 2016)

Small Star In Lieu Of Lullaby (march 2016)

Never Mind That Morning Sun (march 2016)

In The Margins Of Song We Will Live (march 2016)

After Hans Andersen's "The Wild Swans" (march 2016)

Neither Stone Nor Shadow (march 2016)

The Wind Through The Roses Is Harplike Still (march 2016)

The Jackdaws Slice The Scissored Air (march 2016)

Then And Now (march 2016)

I Want To Make Butter Of The Palest Yellow (march 2016)

Passed Note To The Teacher's Pet In The Third Grade Just Before The Christmas Party-Confliscated (march 2016)

Sass (march 2016)

Strawberry (march 2016)

Angels Are Churning The Butter Brickle On The First Day Of School (march 2016)

Those October Winds (march 2016)

The Better Land (march 2016)

Cornucopia (march 2016)

Hill Top Again (march 2016)

Reading (march 2016)

Never (march 2016)

Could We Like Clouds, Float Over (march 2016)

Fizz Out;Not The Fourth Of July (march 2016)

To The Desecrating Hordes (march 2016)

Tears Like Rains Will Wash Away (march 2016)

Cherry Popsicle (march 2016)

What If I Saw Silver Stars (march 2016)

There Will Be Constant Music (march 2016)


Picture Book Story Of Plush Bunny, Puppy And The Princess (march 2016)

Lullaby, Sweet Lullaby,Hummed From Space (march 2016)

Never Eat Pickles Before Bedtime (march 2016)

A Meditation On Those Who Judge Hoarders (march 2016)

When The Past Arrives At The Station/Easter Morning (march 2016)

Chocolate On Mars! (march 2016)

The Ones I Remember The Most, The Dove Drenched Days (march 2016)

In Memory Of Earl Hamner Jr. Creator Of The "Waltons" (march 2016)

We Were In The Blue Shade And The Deeper Shade, The Delphinium (march 2016)

You May Not Remember The Rose Clouded Days (march 2016)

Birdsong, Over The Ravines (march 2016)

This Christening Hour (march 2016)

His Stories Come To Light (march 2016)

A Poem For Easter 2016 (march 2016)

We Wanted To Spell In Jelly Beans (march 2016)

Explaining It All Away (march 2016)

Why Is It (march 2016)

We Will Forswear The Contests Of The World (march 2016)

When It Hurts To Walk, Dream Of Clouds (march 2016)

There Should Always Be A Small Door (march 2016)

The Dwarf Star's Impressiion Of The Children Leaving Home (march 2016)

The Poem Wants To Sing About Beautiful Silences (march 2016)

The Things I Know About The Colour Blue (march 2016)

You Will Learn (march 2016)

In The Beginning, Poetry Didn't Need Protocols (march 2016)

Lives Of The Saints On A Rusty Hinge I Dreamed (march 2016)

I'm Not A Wren I'm A Nightingale (march 2916)

The First Infant Cloud In Your Sky (march 2016)

Silly (march 2016)

Then We Hand Coloured The Stars On Sunday Afternoons (march 2016)

I Dreamed Of Nesting Houses In Every Colour (march 2016)

You Have A Beautiful Provenance (march 2016)

In Elephant Heaven (march 13 2016)

Lightning Falls Apart And Then To Earth Provides (march 12 2016)

Shall I With My New Minted Paperbacks Disappear (march 10 2016)

Mystical Evenings With The P.T.A. (august 2015;march 2016)

The Scarlet Leafed The Day Lined In Gold (march 2016)

The Child You Wanted To Be (march 2016)

The Pinafore Pink Or Blue (march 2016)

The White Lane (march 2016)

Blue (march 2016)

The Beautiful Things Linger (march 2016)

An Angel Will Come (march 2016)

Reforming Christmas They Will Shift The Snows (march 2016)

Thank You God For All The Cracker Jack Prizes (march 2016)



Oh, Washington (october 2015)

On Leap Day I Thought About The Life Of Colours (february 2016)

They Seem Ashamed Of So Many Things I Am Fond Of (december 2016; revised february 2016)

Writing You On The Edge Of The Cloud That Flies (february 2016)

Some Late Night Headlines From CNN And Two Rainstorms: February 24, 2016 11:19 P.M.

To Spend Years Learning Languages Only To Find (february 2016)

Pandora In The Morning (february 2016)

Going Away Is Dying Said The Snows To The Hills (february 2016)

Once I Waited Till Dawn (february 2016)

To One Who Considers Leaving Earth Too Early (february 2016)

We're Still Good (february 2016)

Fall Into God As Into A Snowbank (february 2016)

Cause Celebre (february 2016)

And This Is Music (february 2016)

Treasure Hunt (february 2016)

What Is The Location Of Your Emergency (february 2016)

For Emily Dickinson (february 2016)

Who Could Believe The Tyranny of Clouds (february 2016)

I Wish You a Red Crayon Heart Of A Day (february 2016)

A Valentine For My Grandmother (february 2016)

No One Will Know Now How You Looked At Clouds (february 2016)

The Words You Left Behind I Meant To Say (february 2016)

Folding The Poems Into The Suitcase (february 2016)

To The Secret Writing Life Of J.T. Little (february 2016)

The Word Poetry Does Not Exist (february 2016)

A Man Flew In Our Town (february 2016)

How To Look At A Painting (february 2016)

The Queen Of Petals Reigns (february 2016)

Eleanor In The Park (february 2016)

Word Problems (february 2016)

The Mockers Stand On Every Hill (february 2016)

Elegy For A Small Tree (february 2016)

In Praise Out Loud Through The Rose Studded Days (february 2016)

Greeting Card Land (february 2016)

The Way It Works (february 2016)

Another Kind Of Snow (february 2016)

It Is Maytime In The Picture Book (february 2016)

Christmas Oddments (february 2016)

What Is A Poem (february 2016)

Lock Up (february 2016)

Similitude (february 2016)

Glimmer (february 2016)

The Story In Which Bright Things Happen To You (february 2016)

Singed On Bright Waters (february 2016)

So Many Times We Have To Learn (february 2016)

In The Showroom With The Eclairs And Whatnot (february 2016)

The Candy Emporiums And Etc. (february 2016)

It's Penny Candy Maybe They Think (february 2016)

Cantata Of The Fireflies Jeweled, The Stars, And The Taskmasters Denied Entrance (january 2016)

When We Ran (january 2016)

Siroi (january 2016)

From My Own Rose Trees Petals Sifted (january 2016)

On Pale Blue Paper (january 2016)

I Met A Minor Thief Of Words (january 2016)

A Parable For No One (january 2016)

The Original Sour (january 2016)

Monet, Sighed Children In The Dream Museums (january 2016)

We Went Forth In The Apple Of The Day (january 2016)

The Wizard Speaks Of Guarantees Aloft Above Treetops To Dorothy On The Ground (january 2016)

Maybe Someday In An Out Of The Way Antique Shop (january 2016)

The Order In Which It Occurred To Me (january 2016)

Somewhere Kneeling On A Dandelion Shore (january 2016)

Missing The Door To Dreamland (january 2016)

I Dreamed Of A Language In Prussian Blue and Gold (january 2016)

The Dolls In The Dollhouse Dream (january 2016)

Workbook (january 2016)

The Rose Held In The Mind Is Fairer (january 2016)

Ode To The Sliced Pears At The Food Bank Surreptitiously Appearing (january 2016)

Orange Crush Grape Crush (january 2016)

Never Go Away (january 2016)

A Little Off Stage (january 2016)

The Reason (january 2016)

The Poetry Suit (january 2016)

Musing Over The Potatoes (january 2016)

Reading The Snows As Though They Were Blind Music (january 2016)

Seen Or Unseen (january 2016)

Bridge Collapsing Near The Farthest Dream (january 2016)

White Frosted Flowers And The Stenciled Stars (january 2016)

There Was A Princess With Ebony Hair Visited By A Witch (january 2016)

The Writer Down To His Last Stories (january 2016)

Your Three Wishes Keep (january 2016)

Santiago (january 2016)

The Dust Lies Over All (january 2016)

I Don't Know What They Say To Each Other (january 2016)

The Stories You Tell Yourself (january 2016)

To The Gimlet-Eyed I Am Writing This Letter (january 2016)

My Carol For Christmas Day (When It's Forever)(january 2016)

Context Is Nothing; Beauty Is Everything (january 2016)

Will They Tear You Out Of The Book (january 2016)

Falling Down In Flowers You Will Laugh (january 2016)

Still In The Present Tense I Wander Through Old Rooms (january 2016)

Falling Down Is Rising After All (january 2016)

If They Believe In A Mad Thing (january 2016)

Little Knowing (january 2016)

Script Writers (january 2016)

The Range In Winter (january 2016)

Where Lilacs Blow (january 2016)

Abatement (january 2016)

Laying The Bright Words End to End (january 2016)

Like A Seam In The Earth (january 2016)

Not The Map Of Milky Jade (january 2016)

Something Found, But What (january 2016)

Diamonds In The Yard (january 2016)

Drinking The Cocoa Up (january 2016)

They'll Send You On Fool's Errands (january 2016)

You Want To Write (january 2016)

Never Sand Flowed Through Her Hours But Only Gold (january 2016)

The World Is Filled With Scolding (january 2016)

To Come Home (january 2016)

Board Games (january 2016)

Taking Care Of The Long Ago And Never Being A Good Fit At Work (january 2016)

You Would Think (january 2016)

Making Christmas Last Circa 1964 (january 2016)

In The Appled Garden, With A Happier Ending (january 2016)

The Pea Green Boat Is Leaking (january 2016)

Blue Ribbons (january 2016)

Green Ginger And The Reading Assigned (january 2016)

Still Fitting In (january 2016)

Held Aloft By Angels Did He Depart (january 2016)

Bears Can Be That Way (january 2016)

Spelling Your Name In Stones (january 2016)

Hey, Y'all I'm Not The Pinata At The Party (january 2016)

Sidelining The Elephants (january 2016)

In Forests Of Calculated Nonsense (january 2016)

Cotton Candy (january 2016)

Beautiful The Essay That Doesn't Fade Away (january 2016)

Remember To Be Happy You Exist! (january 2016)

Charm Bracelet (january 2016)

The Froggie Lays Plans The Day Before (january 2016)

Cinderella, On Time (january 2016)

Square Dance Dress In Pink At Age 12 (january 2016)

I Dream Of A Large Studio (january 2016)

The Power Of No Words To Describe (january 2016)

After Yeats (january 2016)

Van Gogh In The Photograph, Outside the Frame (january 2016)

Snow Maid The Page Before April (january 2016)

When Poppies Mantled The Skies (january 2016)

What Was It (january 2016)

I Saw In Effigy The Prairies (january 2016)

They Gave To You A Ring Of Tin (january 2016)

Dream Of The Little Playhouse (january 2016)

How Would I Sail With You, Strange Mariners (january 2016)

God On His Long Trek Recognized (january 2016)

Emergency Preparedness, Toto Not Left Behind (january 2016)

Simple It Was Then And Lovely To Be Told (january 2016)

The Blossom That Fell From The Poetry Tree (january 2016)

At The Piano (january 2016)

Peach Bowl Rose Bowl Sugar Bowl (january 2016)

The Land Of Going Away (january 2016)

Finding The Things In The Picture (january 2016)

Sometimes The Real Seeps Under The Door (january 2016)

On The Cutting Room Floor: At The Emerald City Soda Shoppe (january 2016)

In Invisible Writing To Eleanor Farjeon (january 2016)

To A Wave On The Glassine Sea, Coming Or Going (january 2016)

A Valentine Miscellany (january 2016)

The Missing Detail In The Picture, The White Roses (jan 2015; slightly revised jan 3 2016)


Wishing Through Windows Like Heaven (january 2016)

Aqua (january 2016)

Who Was John Whiteside's Daughter? (december 2015)

Northern Landscapes Of The Soul (january 2016)

The Garden Of Statues (january 2016)

Closing The Books On Those Who Insult The Golden (january 2016)

The Sweet Word "Orb" (january 2016)

Baby In The Sun (december 2015)

Loving Quixote Better Than Bread (december 2015)

How To Flunk Out Of Clown School (december 2015)

Resolution (december 2015)

Last Year (december 2015)

Even A Stone Chirping In The Road (december 2015)

This Pageant Procession of Angels (december 2015)

As If It Were Christmas Flowering (december 2015)

Living Outside Stale Customs Of The World (december 2015)

Directive Under Moonlight (december 2015)

Dreaming Lucidly Explained (december 2015)

There Is A Small Knight On The Edge Of My Butterknife (december 2015)

Stay, But Don't Stay (december 2015)

Into The Greenwood (december 2015)

The Steps You Take In A Mist (december 2015)

Monologue On Another Day (december 2015)

The River (december 2015)

Scenes From The Brontes' Childhood Not In Any Particular Order(december 2015)

Invisible Piano (december 2015)

Thinking They Are Jewels (december 2015)

How Can I Praise Beautiful Poems (december 2015)

Small Mermaid, Showered With Roses (december 2015)

We'll Stay Home (december 2015)

Let's Make A Layer Cake Of Happiness (december 2015)

A Prayer In Winter (december 2015)

Someday I Will Find The Dollhouse (december 2015)

Too Small Is The Cage That Says You're Too Small For Your Age (december 2015)

Rare Words Were In My Shoes (december 2015)

A Christmas Day Prayer A Little Late (december 2015)

First Days At School And After (december 2015)

At The First Harsh Word (december 2015)

Cadenzas Before Christmas (december 2015)

All Your White Legends (december 2015)

Legend (december 2015)

The Blue Skied Books of Andrew Lang (december 2015)

They Seem Ashamed Of So Many Things I Am Fond Of (december 2015)

Making A Cake In Time Of War (december 2015)

Leaving Home Should Always Be This Way (december 2015)

Doll Translation No. 1 (december 2015)

The Map Is A Mist;You Have To Know That (december 2015)

I Had Golden Apples (december 2015)

Pity The Beautiful Word That Cannot Chime(december 2015)

Describing Your Disease (december 2015)

Fizzy (december 2015)

Ode To Our Dog Back Then, Or I Had A Dog Like That Too, Charlie Schulz (december 2015)

Holly Ball Trellised and Trellised, Next Time, in Rose Velveteen (december 2015)

The Best Snow Ever (december 2015)

December Snow Day Wished Into View (december 2015)

In A Summer Dress The Colour of Butter (december 2015)

Somewhere A Childhood Waits For You (december 2015)

Poetry Is Viewed Now As Through A Periscope (december 2015)

Movie Palace Redream (december 2015)

Maybe It's Not So Bad (december 2015)

O Sorrow Sorrow I Heard Soft Angels Keen (december 2015)

The Lost Boys Found (december 2015)

Snow Carol Caroled, Stars Within (december 2015)

It Won't Be My Fault (december 2015)

Some Problems Concerning Translation Of A Single Language Into Itself (december 2015)

The Marine Coloured Winds, The Curtains Blowing (december 2015)

I See Hawthorne's Scar (december 2015)

So Much Depends (december 2015)

I Do Not Take It To Heart (december 2015)

Beautiful Reader (december 2015)

There Is A Dollhouse In My Head (december 2015)

To The Overambitious Poets Or Whatever They're Calling Themselves On Tuesdays (december 2015)

We Are The Cherry Sprigged Persons (december 2015)

On Shakespeare As Inaccessible (december 2015)

Snowlike, The Supposition Dreams (december 2015)

Off Kilter, Spinning Happily (december 2015)

The Thirteenth Fairy Or What She Said (december 2015)

The Arrival Of The Jeweled Nightingale (december 2015

How To Disappear And Why (december 2015)

The Angels Will Talk Among Themselves (december 2015)

And Ever The Chilled Sunshine In The Painting (december 2015)

Manifold Stories (december 2015)

What Is The Use Of Colours Perhaps They Sighed Into Their Flasks (november 2015)

I Remember The Pear Tree (november 2015)

In Heaven (november 2015)

Angels When They Are Good Are Transparent (november 2015)

Did You Say Something (november 2015)

To The Person Of Large Heart Reading The Small Poem (november 2015)

Minimalism Explained (november 2015)

If I Catch The Hem Of My Dress On Your Clouds (november 2015)

All Lives Are Unfinished (november 2015)

Screenplay For The Walrus (O.K., The Carpenter Too) (november 2015)

Coming Out Of The Spell, Gladly (november 2015) 

I Saw Words Like Clouds And They Were Filled With Light (november 2015)

Who Could Be Anything Then (november 2015)


Christmas Card To Mary And Zdeny 2015
(november 2015)

Glasstown But Not The Brontes
(november 2015) 

Winter Accolade (to God)
(november 2015)

Somebody's Got To Say This
(november 2015)

They Say Even Molecules Change Their Behavior (november 2015)

Sometime, I'd Like To (november 2015)

The Dancer You Wish You Were (She Was)
(november 2015)

I Like Icicle Music, Candy-Cane Cold (november 2015)

Impermanent Pressed My Snow Skies Fold (november 2015) 

Holy Mary Mother Of The Sequined Light (november 2015)

It Isn't So Far, Just Over The Floes (november 2015)

Perfumes Smiled From The Flowers (november 2015)

When You've Had Enough Of The Blah Blah Blah (november 2015)

The World As Institution (november 2015)

DIY Instant Christmas Snow (november 2015)

Other People's Horses Stream Milk White (november 2015)

Poetry Is Not A Contest (november 2015)  

In The Forest Of News I Pray (november 2015)

My Poor Poems Or Yours (november 2015)

Play Money Christmas And More (november 2015)

Foresighted Christmas Too Late For The Time Machine (november 2015)

Another Alicean Song (november 2015)

Think Of A Small A Lilac Cloud (november 2015)

Clavier Dream (november 2015)

The Wind Was Writing "the leaves, the leaves" (november 2015)

The Ink Has Faded From The Summer Night (november 2015)

A Diary On The Underside Of Light (november 2015)

Beautiful In The Post World (november 2015)

If We Have Written In Sands (november 2015) 

Someday When The Crooked Mile (november 2015)

Directive (november 2015) 

Old Christmas Revisiting (november 2015)

Penultimate Fairy Tale Collection Or Is It? (november 2015)

Strange Clouds Over Cape Town (november 2015)

The Snow Queen's Carol (november 2015)

The Queens Of Hearts Discuss Certain Matters (november 2015)

N.D.E.s And The Immortal Book At Hand (november 2015)

To John Keats, Not Only Written On Water (november 2015)

I Dreamed That Music Faltered (november 2015)

Fall Into Books (november 2015)

Suitcase (november 2015)

And I Was Sipping In The Cherry Dark (novemer 2015)

The Seventh Dimension Of Trees (november 2015)

The Sky Behind You (november 2015)

Beauty Floats Above In The Old Poems (november 2015)

To The Princess Aurora After Giving It Some Thought (november 2015)

Lost Voices Known Only To The Lord (november 2015)

Clear Pink And Green Glassware In A Little House (november 2015)

How Do You Feel About Rainbows (november 2015)

For The Clouds As They Slip From View (november 2015)

Is It The Tower Of Babel, Then, That You Are Making (november 2015)

Who Wanted To Ask Why In A Thousand Colours (november 2015)

Poetry With No Prizes (november 2015)

Minor Divinity Desolation (november 2015)

Raspberry Gingerale (november 2015)

Home Ec Lament No. 3 Or 4 And The Visionary Plumcake (november 2015)

These Trees, These Yellow Poplars (november 2015)

Personal Day Out At The National Gallery (november 2015)

Prang Sunrise And Castle (november 2015)

Play In One Act (october 2015)

What You Need Is A Kind Of Fort (october 2015)

Pooh, It's A Day For Typos (october 2015)

All Souls Stood In The Wicklight (october 2015)

Cartwheel (october 2015)

The Golden Ball Slips Down The Well And...(october 2015)

Sidestepping The Classroom Slide Show (october 2015)

Jewelry Box Tune For Dorothy (october 2015)

Transparencies Of The Pear Tree (october 2015)

I Believe In The Mythical South (october 2015)

And The Christmas Emmy Goes To...(october 2015)

Beauty Of The Seven Dresses (october 2015)

How Can They Speak At All (october 2015)

So Shy In Our White Straw Bonnets (october 2015)

They Will Want You To Tell The Story (october 2015)

Paperwork (october 2015)

Someday God Seeding The Clouds With Rainbows (october 2015) 

Heart Under Construction (october 2015)

They Have Drowned Your Maytime (october 2015)

Some Days I Think Of Swans (october 2015)

Your Face Is A Flower (october 2015)

Somewhere An April Star (october 2015)

Einstein In Math Class Early Days (october 2015)

Christmas Twinkling (october 2015)

The Story Book For Which You Were Looking (october 2015)

This Orchid Day I Will Wear Forever (october 2015)

Suddenly You Are Aware In Your Far Tower (october 2015)

I'll Always Say No (october 2015)

Three Bunches of Cherries (october 2015)

The Ghostly Toys (october 2015)

Life Then Was Like The Train Around The Park (october 2015)

A Child's Garden Of Christmas (october 2015)

Let The Earth Be Decided This Way (october 2015)

Goodbye To The Christmas Madrigals (october 2015)

They Are Plagarizing Your Tears (october 2015)

To The One For Whom Fell One Golden Teardrop (october 2015)

Sometimes I Think That Clouds And Trees Are Enough (october 2015)

Ghosts Around The Altars (With Chrysanthemums) (october 2015)

Motion Picture (october 2015)

Winter Had Come To The Emerald City (october 2015)

Sleepers As They Dream (october 2015)

Ours Were The Emerald Currencies Of Oz (october 2015)

I Wanted China The Colour Of Geraniums (october 2015)

Would Life On Mars Be Ruby Red (october 2015)

Crushed Raspberries In A Sky Of Cream Last Saturday (october 2015)

Presentiment In Winter (october 2015)

Should We Live (october 2015)

Holiday Song To Beautiful Information (october 2015)

Customary Castles In The Rain (october 2015)

Penny Wishes (september 2015)

Writing Your Name In The Upper Right Hand Corner (september 2015)

Bride Doll, Her Poem (september 2015)

Teakettle Song For Anna Akhmatova (september 2015)

To The Blue Knight, Wandering (september 2015)

My Alphabet Grows Pale (september 2015)

I Dreamed Of Ancient Music (september 2015)

Rainbow Picture For God's Refrigerator (On Manila Paper) (september 2015)

Lilting, With The Lemon Stars In Love (september 2015)

Ancient Maps Defined (september 2015)

If You Had Let Them (september 2015)

Oh World Where It Often Happens (september 2015)

O Life Of The Deep Dish Cherry Pies, The Sudden Discrepancies (september 2015)

In A Silver Province (september 2015)

Apology With Rosers For Ogden Nash (september 2015)

And Yet, I Salute The Flag Of The Golden (september 2015)

Being Warehoused (september 2015)

All This Singing In The Color Red (september 2015)

Here On Apple Island (september 2015)

Confessions Among The Jeweled (september 2015)

These Evening Shadows (september 2015)

Here's Where I Keep My Costume Jewelry Words (september 2015)

To Hans Christian Andersen's Little Fir Tree (september 2015)

Icarus' Daughters Dream Of Moonlight (august 2015)

For Percy Bysshe Shelley (august 2015)

For Harold Bloom (august 2015)

A Rhinestone Covered Castle In The Evening Snows (august 2015)

In The Textile Museum Or The Sonatina That Breaks Like Crystal Could (august 2015)

He Only Smiled (august 2015) 

Parasol (august 2015)

Four Summers Gone Now (august 2015)

The Transfiguration Of The Crayons (august 2015)

Clockwork, The Princess Shedding Crystalline Tears Is Still Required To Fill Out Forms (august 2015)

Thumbelina On A Bad Day (august 2015)

How Can I Think They Gazed At The Sky (august 2015)

Her Favorite Way To Say Goodbye (august 2015)

Dark Green Blackboard (august 2015)

Sublime Rhyme With Three Scoops of Dream Cream PLEASE (august 2015)

Nostalgia (august 2015)

With Almost No Rustling Sound (august 2015)

Her Sentences Of Glass Broke On The Evening Air (august 2015)

Meditation On Leaving No. 1 In E Minor (august 2015)

Beneath The Dripping Trees, Midsummer Or May's (august 2015)

All His Infinite Labouring At Bright Coincidence (august 2015)

Toast And Jam Spoke The Queen (august 2015)

Can One Steal The Sun Or The Twelve Gates of Heaven (august 2015)

Tabula Rosa (august 2015)

When The Fever Turned (august 2015)

In Our Dresses Of Cream (august 2015)

For My Sister Playing Her Chopin Ballade (august 2015)

Learning Mozart All Over Again (august 2015)

Looking Through Dormer Windows On The Snow (august 2015)

Aubade In Autumn Remembered (august 2015)

These Are The Things The Former Tenants Left (august 2015)

Entrancingly Pink, The Pappermint Rag (august 2015)

This Is The Unit On Stars (august 2015)

Blind Snow (august 2015)

I Just Want To Read (august 2015)

Small Cloud Spinning Backwards (august 2015)

I Think How Great Cathedrals Rise (august 2015)

Such Are The Benedictions (august 2015)

Would It Be Summer (august 2015)

Mixed Up Meringue Of Clouds And Posies (august 2015)

To God My God On New Poetry (august 2015)

Snow Day, Mid-Day, Sent Home From Work (august 2015)

Reverie On A Vintage Lace Dress (august 2015)

The Princess Who Never Smiled (august 2015)

Whenever The Lost Colonies Of The Day Before (august 2015)

What Rose Lipt Words Can Say The Poets Guessed (august 2015)

It's Cloudy Sapphire Streaked With Gold (august 2015)

Gerda's Victory (august 2015)

Beauty Will Return (Perhaps By Pale Blue Moonlight) (august 2015)

School Menu Sends Regrets (august 2015)

I Tried To Find In What You Said (august 2015)

What Speech Could Be In Dreams (august 2015)

Examination (july 2015)

On Emily's Monologue In Our Town (july 2015)

The Poem About Divinity Candy (july 2015)

Page Torn Out From A Holiday Catalogue (july 2015)

The Menders (july 2015)

I Imagine My Grandmother On A Day Trip From Heaven (july 2015)

As If On A Porch By Childe Hassam (july 2015)

An Accumulation of Autumns (july 2015)

Under A Blackberry Sky (july 2015)

Translation Exercise No. 1 From Another Planet (july 2015)

Train Dream A Little Modified (july 2015)

How Will We Know When We Have Reached The Sun (july 2015)

Portent (july 2015)

Music Class (july 2015)

Oh To Be Something Like A Cloud (july 2015)

Small Ode To Chocolate Milk, Lunch Period (july 2015)

Here In The Anecdotal Ballrooms (july 2015)

Jesus On The Evening Of The Day Before (july 2015)

In My Spanish Workbooks I Confessed (july 2015)

Angelology (july 2015)

Hello To The End Of Endings Do They Say In Heaven (july 2015)

Through No Fault Of Your Own (july 2015)

And I Have Seen The Dragons At The Gates (july 2015)

Rose Carol Caroled And It Not Even Christmas Yet (july 2015)

Gerda Not Yet Among The Roses (july 2015)

Going Back (july 2015)

Even In Our Captivity Light Flowered Freely (july 2015)

Even If Her Dress Is Spun From The Colour Of Moonlight (july 2015)

Bacon On Sundays (july 2015)

Wearing Organza To Our Made Up Parties (july 2015)

The Princess Who Never Laughed On The Evening Of...(july 2015)

Earliest Christmases And, Then Not (july 2015)

Pages Of Light (july 2015)

Spectrums In Summer (july 2015)

The Stage Sets Remain (july 2015)

Dear Sugar In The Delft Blue Bowl (july 2015)

On Pilfering Emeralds And Other Things (july 2015)

Places With Such Beautiful Names Have Endured Such Atrocities (july 2015)

Another Meditation On Cinderella's Dress (july 2015)

In The Variety Store Of Dreams (july 2015)

Through Goldenrod Years (july 2015)

Light Rain (july 2015)

Who Has The What O'clock In Fairy Tales (june 2015)

What They Said (june 2015)

Is Life Not Burning Bush Enough (june 2015)

Oops! Or The Fairies Have Really Good Hearing (june 2015)

Today The Small Birds Have Flown From My Poem (june 2015)

Migration Meditation On The Plastic Pink Flamingo (june 2015)

Small Candies (june 2015)

The Small Giraffe Amid The Roses, Floodtide (june 2015)

The Tree Of Language And Its Canciones (june 2015)

All The Things You Thought You Knew (june 2015)

Are You Going To Spend The Whole Summer This Way? (june 2015)

Countering The Bells of Sadness (june 2015)

How I Dream Of Heaven On Wednesdays (june 2015)

Dreaming Speaks To Dream Alone (june 2015)

Ineffable Roses Inordinately Red Or Pink (june 2015)

They Speak Around The Edges Of Your Dreams (june 2015)

Persephone Leaving The Party Early (june 2015)

Higher Than All Clouds (june 2015)

They Get The Lingo Jingo (june 2015)

I Just Want To Go Home (june 2015)

We Who Are Subject To Mirages (june 2015)

Almost The Wish You Wished For Did Come True (june 2015)

I Dreamed Of Manderley Last Night (june 2015)

Why Your Package Isn't Going Anywhere (june 2015)

Origami In Gold, Spoke The Poets (june 2015)

You Came To This World Selling Nothing (june 2015)

Missing The Nightingales (june 2015)

Then There Is No More School (may 2015)

Were We Painting On Clouds While We Lived On Earth (june 2015)

Dorothy Nears The Land Of Dainty China (may 2015)

To The Unknown Russia (may 2015)

The Snow Queen And Other Regimes (may 2015)

There's No Conversation Like The One You Could Possibly Have (may 2015)

Apres Le Deluge And The Wounding Decree (may 2015)

I'm Missing A Clue Said Nancy Drew (may 2015)

What Will Seeing Be (may 2015)

Pavane For The Princess Breaking Into Flowers (may 2015)

Stars Melted In Heaven When A Child Looked Up (may 2015)

Some Things Just Can't Be Said (may 2015)

The Glass Green Ground Of Eden Slipped Away (may 2015)

Oh That The Clear-Eyed Singers Would Return (may 2015)

The Sky So Thick With Stars (may 2015)

Kitchen Conversation With Auntie Em (may 2015)

Blue Sequins Over The Planet Blue (may 2015)

What Words May Dream (may 2015)

Where The Butterscotch Sun Is (may 2015)

For Those I Tried To Find (may 2015)

An Artist Of The North Country (may 2015)

I Will Erase The Clouds Thought The Child (may 2015)

When We Set Sail How Lilting Were The Notes (may 2015)

Fire Opal (may 2015)

One Day We'll Go To Crayon City (may 2015)

The Illusions Of Glass As It Shatters (may 2015)

They Do Not Mean The Things They Almost Say (may 2015)

Cerulean (may 2015)

Mr. Sycamore (may 2015)

And The Skies Cried (may 2015)

This Is The Map They Draw For You When You Are Far From Home (may 2015)

Rapunzel In The Tower On Waving Goodbye (may 2015)

Having At Last So Many Things To Say (may 2015)

Alice The Small And Brave Before The Fantastic (may 2015)

Conestoga (may 2015)

O Is It A Rose Red Sorrow We Are Made To Bear (april 2015)

Questions To Ask Before Going Away (april 2015)

To Ray Bradbury April 2015 (april 2015)

What You Couldn't See In The Picture (april 2015)

All They Talk About Is You (april 2015)

Tears Have Gathered Toward The Mouth Of The Rivers (april 2015)

For All The Saints Who Go Back Into The Burning Building (april 2015)

When You're That Person (april 2015)

What If The Flowers Took Flight (april 2015)

Words Without Meaning (april 2015)

Transfiguration Of The Little Mermaid (april 2015)

Music Box Redux (april 2015)

The Story Behind The Story Keeps Unwinding (april 2015)

Silk Screening The Day, The Blue and Green Intensities (april 2015)

To Whom Do Words Belong I Cried (april 2015)

Reflet Dans L'eau (april 2015)

RC Cola Cola Cola (april 2015)

Christmas Village Redux (april 2015)

The Map In Ice Cream Colours (april 2015)

The Angels Discuss A Few Earthly Matters (april 2015)

We Meant To Wear Empire Dresses Always (april 2015)

This Is My Poem, The One Embroidered With Small Rosebuds (april 2015)

The Carport Dreams Of Old Birthday Parties (april 2015)

Because You Believed That Light Would Always Linger (april 2015)

The Twelve Dancing Colours The Day Before Christmas (april 2015)

The Knight At Twilight Wears Blue Armor (april 2015)

Rosa Espinosa (april 2015)

Yellow Cake Island (april 2015)

Toy Piano Played and Playing (april 2015)

Snows (april 2015)

The One Who Leaves (april 2015)

It Took Forever (april 2015)

Go Back My Angel Chimed (april 2015)

Thrown Wildly Pink and Blue Metal Jacks (april 2015)

Blue-Quiet On The Tear Streaked Waters, Shipshod Sun! (april 2015)

Puddles In April (april 2015)

When She Sees Birds Arise She Does Not See (april 2015)

Sometimes May We Disappear (april 2015)

How About A Story With No Ogres (april 2015)

King Of All Numbers Why Would Who Want To Be? (april 2015)

I Dreamed A Dark Green Pilgrimage (april 2015)

My Life As A Cloud (april 2015)

This Is For Things You Lost Along The Way (april 2015)

Perfume (march 2015)


Then Beauty Said To The Merchant, Her Father...(march 2015)

In Hard Times, With Only The Dimestore Jewelry Left (march 2015)

Red Carnival Glass: Sunburst, Pin Wheel (march 2015)

Pink Patent Pocketbook Song On The Planet Mars (march 2015)

Small Fairytale Told To My Sister From A Distance (march 2015)

Our Ramparts Of Roses Fall Apart (march 2015)

Riding Backwards On The Doll Train, Heading Home (march 2015)

We Wrote In Coloured Chalks Formulas With No Solutions (march 2015)

All Day At The Transient Window (march 2015)

You'll Trudge On Through The Fairy Wood All Alone (march 2015)

Where Did All The Stage Sets Go, Ray Bradbury (march 2015)

This Is A Dream Of Stars He May Have Said In A Dream (march 2015)

I Weep For The Children That We Were (march 2015)

A Fairy Tale River Ribboned Through The World (march 2015)

Lament For Lost Books, Lost On Purpose (march 2015)

Fleeting Conversation With The Snow Child (march 2015)

There Should Be Little Cakes For The Green Road (march 2015)

Her Hair In The Picture Was Braided With Jewels (march 2015)

Not All The Pastel Airplanes Gliding By (march 2015)

At Home With The Queen Of Small Things (march 2015)

Sweet Secrets Of Grade School Continents I Remember (march 2015)

To Tulip Beds In All Colours (march 2015)

The Capital By Late Moonlight (march 2015)

I Opened The Book Of Dreams And It Was Empty(march 2015)

It's The Orange Peel In The Cake That Makes The Difference (march 2015)

Beautiful Dresses (march 2015)

Jellybean Poems In A Jar Of Summer Glistened (march 2015)

It's Made Of Mother Of Pearl, She May Have Said (march 2015)

I Pray For The Angels At The Ruined Gate (february 2015)

Architects, Amaze Me! Commanded Ray Bradbury,Heart Full Of Wonders (february 2015)

On Ray Bradbury's Yellow House, Demolished In Los Angeles, Strange January, 2015 (february 2015)

Cinderella Dressed In Green (february 2015)

Reading The Poem All On Her Own In Her Grandfather's Chair (february 2015)

The Nocturne Played As A Child (february 2015)

As A Painter Would Paint The Winds (february 2015)

The Party Favors In The Offering Plate Seem Out Of Place (february 2015)

Carnation Lily Lily Rose (february 2015)

Now It's Your Problem (february 2015)

Cloisonne Rose On Your Field Of Blue (february 2015)

Still Life, Come To Life! (With Blue Birds)
(february 2015)

The Vanishing Of Notebooks (february 2015)

I Want A Hat With Maypole Ribbons Round It Streaming (february 2015)

The Made-Up Story About The Candy Box (february 2015)

What If It Isn't Exactly The Dreamland You Wanted (february 2015)

Little Candles (february 2015)

My Grandfather, King Of The Drugstore Sundaes (february 2015)

Green Dress, With A Sprinkling Of Roses, Hydrangeas (february 2015)

Elsewhere, Again (february 2015)

The Clouds Fall Down They Call It Snow (february 2015)

Etagere (february 2015)

Black Cherry (february 2015)

What If The Birds Had Singing Contests?(february 2015)

Scratch Art Card Directions For The Primary Child (february 2015)

Small Landscape Done In Crayon (february 2015)

How They Have Forgotten Your Orchid Words (february 2015)

Homage To The Brothers Limoges (february 2015)

The Reeds On The Outer Banks (february 2015) 

Pink Peppermint Ice Cream (february 2015)

These Things Happened, Though You Will Not Believe (february 2015)

The Library Of One (february 2015)

I Imagine A Book Of His Poems Bound In Pale Green Silk (february 2015)

Department Store Christmas Window, 1958 (february 2015)

The Music Of Swans (february 2015)

Waiting For The Light To Change (february 2015)

Alice In A Dream Of What Was Melting, Even Then (february 2015)

She Dreams Of His Death (february 2015)


Learning To Deal With Us As Though We Were Machines (january 2015)

I Held Fast To the Cherry Branching Skies (january 2015)

The Rosy Tea Of The Hibiscus Flower (january 2015)

Please Accept This Crust of Bread (january 2015)

What Would The Pincushion Dream, Hans Andersen? (january 2015)

Did I Arrive Too Early In My Apple Green (january 2015)

To Lieutenant Columbo, Immortal Detective Of The Nagging Clue (january 2015)

Oh Ghosts Of My Music, When Will We Depart (january 2015)

The Playhouse Dreamed, The One With Tuliped Curtains (january 2015)

Sonatina In Rose (january 2015)

A Far Away Feeling At The Birthday Party (january 2015)

I Saw The Amazing Skies With Their Very Own Watercolours (january 2015)

Snatching The Tufts Of Starlight From My Lambs (

The Missing Detail In The Picture, The White Roses (january 2015)

The Best Poem Of All Is To Wake In The Sunlight (january 2015)

The Museum Of Sadness (january 2015)

Let Us Review The Hidden Things In The Picture (january 2015) 

Winged Music Starts Awake In A Clouded Chamber (january 2015)

When The Swans Turned Home (january 2015)

Where Are The Poems Embroidered With The Moon (january 2015)

The Sun On The Waters, The Heavenly Chime (january 9, 2015)

For Poetry (january 2015)

The Starlight Leaves No Trace On Them I Think (january 2015)

Choosing Carefully A Career In Candy (january 2015)

Sea Chant Going Under Near The Rose Streaked Piers (january 2015)

In A Tight Corner Lost At Work I Thought (january 2015)

To The King Of Simple Words, Departed(in memory of Alexander Bell Sr.)(january 2015)

The Things They Talk About Instead (january 2015)

Never Forget That If They Want You For Their Play (january 2015)

Writing Into The Sun We Wept In Gold (january 2015)

To The Shimmering On The Clockcase Read By Moonlight (january 2015)

The Secret Language Of Elephants (january 2015)

Like The Astronaut On The Outside Of The Spaceship (january 2015)

Evenings At Home In-Between The Floods (january 2015)

The Tulip Trees Remembered In Sudden Snow (january 2015)

Lilac Candy (december 2014) 

Party Invitation With Pink and Gold Balloons to My Guardian Angel (december 2014)

Bowing Down To The Ground (december 2014)

In Blue December Breaking Off The Icicle's Chime (december 2014)

Northern Lights (december 2014)

On Christmas Day (december 2014)

Beautiful Weathervane Well To Some You Are (december 2014)

Kindness Flowed Away I Wept (december 2014)

Last Minute Christmas Eve 1964 (december 2014)

To The Lark Descending (december 2014)

Why Don't You?... (december 2014)

Perhaps You Will See And You Won't Know Why (december 2014)

Hope Is The Best Poem Of All (december 2014)

Showing the Face That's Made Of Snow (december 2014)

Who Dreamed That Coming Back To Life Would Be This Way (december 2014)

Like A Person In A Fairytale (december 2014)

Tundra, Perhaps The Silver Forests, Somewhere, Something Said (december 2014)

Poem Picnic Almost By Moonlight (december 2014)

The Expeditionary Dream Arrives (december 2014)

Can You Make A Map Of Where You Have Been (december 2014)

I Have Friends In A Box (december 2014)

My Birds Flew Silver As The Rains (december 2014)

If You Could Ask God Anything What Would You Ask Him (december 2014)

To Those Deceived By The Irreverent Reverends (december 2014)

To The Gorgeous Unchanging (december 2014)

Words Fall Away From My Language Tree (december 2014

Christmas 1962 (december 2014)

They Knock All The Game Pieces Down When They're Not Winning (november 2014)

Your Words Turned To Rain And Then To Snow
(november 2014)

Perhaps The Thirteenth Fairy Wept At Home
(november 2014)

The Lost Book Of When, The Page Open To Snowy Weather (november 2014)

Imagine A Compendium Of Stars, Of Lilac Branching Music (november 2014)

Off In The Distances Your Faraway Names (november 2014)

I Rest In The Mysteries (november 2014)

They Will Tell You How It's Going To Be (november 2014)

Rose Consciousness (november 2014)

White Velvet (november 2014)

Emily Bronte Done In Charcoal, No Hint Of Rose(november 2014)

The Honied Buttresses Of Light Uphold (november 2014)

Remember To Save The Breadcrumbs Out (november 2014)

The Queen Of Scotland (november 2014)

Song For Titania Half-Way Through The Play
(november 2014)

Who Loved Beauty Most Perhaps (november 2014)

Story Book Of The Day Before (november 2014)

Award Ceremonies And The Ghosts Of Filmdom Mourn (november 2014)

Coke Floats In Heaven There Must Be (november 2014)

Waltz-Length, Skirting The Dress Code Commands (november 2014)

And These Are The (Faerie) Stuffs You'll Use To Make Your Poems (november 2014)

Cobbling The Moon Into The Skies (november 2014)

So Jewel-Like In The Stirrups Flash The Outriders (rev. november 2014)

Alice In Tears Before the Brilliant Garden, Smallish Door (november 2014)

Ghostly (october 2014)

The Princesses And What They Wore (october 2014)

The Merely Imagined Author Writing The Life Of De La Mare (october 2014)

Full Magic Dwells With Him (october 2014)

Flying Above All Melting (october 2014)

The Picture Book At The End Of The World (october 2014)

In The Dream Of The Seventh Willow (october 2014)

They Mine My Poem For Information(october 2014)

Where Larkspur Have The Purple Winds Gathered(october 2014)

It Makes You Sad (october 2014)

You, With Your Wild Strawberries, Will Never Go Far (october 2014)

The Silence Of Lorca (october 2014)

The Madrigal Bells Unrung (october 2014)

The Unit on Language Skills (october 2014)

Canticle Of The Anonymous Poets
(october 2014)

I Saw The Ghost Of Walter De La Mare

[reposted](december 2009)

Mirage Like From A Distance Stray

(october 2014)

A Silver Branch Is Broken From [reposting]

(august 2005)

We Can Be Infatuated With God

(october 2014)

Beautiful Trails Going Nowhere In The Poems

(october 2014)

Do They Pass Like Clouds Through Us

(october 2014)

Broken Angels
(october 2014)

Oh Living Christ The Green Roads Far Behind Us Wind (october 2014)

To The Poets Stumbing Blind

(october 2014)

The Dream Of The Indigo Trails

(october 2014)

Speaking English [reposting]

(December 2011)

Poem About The Moon About The Moon About The Moon (october 2014)

The Huntsman Recalls The Bitter Morning

(october 2014)

Every Book Of Light I Held In My Hands

(october 2014)

Leaving The Place Where Words Won't Come To Life
(october 2014)

On Ionesco's Exit the King Viewed From A Distant, Jeweled Telescope (october 2014)

Going To The Fair I Chanced Upon A Riddle, Ghost Guessed (october 2014)

La Belle Au Bois Dormant Reprise

(october 2014)

Oh What Compatriots Should Stand

(october 2014)

Scarlatti From A Scarlet Music Book

(october 2014)

On William Blake Colouring The Layering Angels
(october 2014)

Hand Painted On A Breeze Of Bone China

(october 2014)

Lost In The Archives Of The Dead Letter Poets

(october 2014)

He Keeps The Stencils Of The Living Day

(october 2014)

Grocery List, Lost, Found, Used, Whose?

(september 2014)

A Thing About Presents

(september 2014)

On The Widespread Practice Of Paying Poets In Copies, If At All (september 2014)

Thank You Note On Floral Stationary For The Christmas Tea Set, Grandmother (september 2014)

Beauty In The Room Marked "All Her Own"

(september 2014)

Transcribing These Doll Languages

(september 2014)

Office Painting After Hours

(september 2014)


(september 2014)

Whose Lacework Once Again

(september 2014)

In The Kingdom Of Sweets Gone By

(september 2014)

The Moment It All Turned To Sparkles

(september 2014)

You Were In Love With The Opal Branching Skies
(september 2014)

For The Romantic Poets In The Dissatisfied Light Of Post Modern Poetry (september 2014)


(september 2014)

Will They Never Know The Looking Glass World

(september 2014)

Reentry Period: Kansas Postcard, Received At The Emerald P.O. (september 2014)

Will We Have Horses Shod in Gold

(september 2014)

Whatever Happened To The Children Of Light

(september 2014)

Poe Sleepwalking By Winter Moonlight

(september 2014)

Why Are You Writing This To Me

(september 2014)

White Buffalo Annunciation

(september 2014)

Kitchen Drawer

(september 2014)

Fairytale Capitals Guard The Chapters

(september 2014)

My Wildflower Poems, Are You Weeping A Skylit Blue? (september 2014)

Blackberry Station

(september 2014)

I Do Not Know The Guelder Rose, The Bracken's Rain (september 2014)

To Jean Redpath

(sepember 2014)

Is God A Vending Machine, A Juke Box?

(august 2014)

A Christms Card From Me To You (A Little Early)
(august 2014;rev. september 2014)

Ex Nihilo

(august 2014)

The Best Book Ever

(august 2014 revised)

To The Moonbyrd Wandering

(revised, August 2014)

My Music Box, Have They Killed You?

(august 2014)


(august 2014)

Dream, She Sighed And Dipped Her Wand In Starlight (august 2014)

I Saw The Lights Go Down On Vivid Lines Written For Heart's Ease (august 2014)

Blackberries Drenched In The Cream Of Good Consciences (august 2014)

Infractions Rained Down Tears

(august 2014)

Oh God If We Must

(august 2014)

My Harp I Have Laid At Thy Feet

(august 2014)

In The Theatre Of Roses I Took My Seat

(august 2014)

Dear Poems, We Will Dress You Up Like Paper Dolls
(august 2014)

Confetti Islands Dot The Map

(august 2014)

The Ghostly Poets Gather Their Writing Supplies
(august 2014)

It's A Tin Toy Cash Register Feeling

(august 2014)

In The Closet With His Peach Sunsets

(august 2014)

Dream Of The Several Roses

(august 2014)

Immortal Poetry Kept In The Shade Of His Hand Alive (2014)

You Throw Yourself Away, Or Think You Must

(august 2014)

Oh Why Won't It Be The Way You Said I Wanted To Ask, But Could Not (august 2014)

The Flight Of Ideas From Here

(august 2014)

Spring At The Academy And In A Floor Length Gown
(august 2014)

Anyone Can Do It

(august 2014)

Canticle to Robin Williams

(august 2014)

We Anchor In Mist And Dream We Sail

(august 2014)

Van Cliburn Nears Heaven, Missing Song

(august 2014)

Someone Has Spread A Carpet Of Roses

(august 2014)

Piano Recital With Pink Carnations, Red Gladioli
(august 2014)

Small Fluted Pastel Paper Cups Held Coloured Almonds (august 2014)

Cut To The Quick Of The Living Word

(august 2014)

Higher Education

(august 2014)

Then There Was Shining; Then There Was Music

(august 2014)

On The So-Called Death Of The Romantics

(august 2014)

The Poets Behold From Heaven Their Words Ploughed Under (august 2014)

A Prayer For The Unsuspecting

(august 2014)

Pie Keepers. Cake Savers. Poetry Makers

(august 2014)

Oh, Fasten The Moon With A Small Pearl Hatpin (august 2014)

In Just One Week They Said That You Were Dead

(august 2014)

Quixote By Cloudlight Pitied Only

(july 2014)

Let's Have A Party!

(july 2014)

Who's Running These Carnival Shows?

(july 2014)


(july 2014)

Does Anyone Want Beautiful Poems Cried the Peddler (july 2014)

Who Will They Put In Charge Of Vanishing She Said Aloud (july 2014)


(july 2014)

Candy Cane

(july 2014)

The Day Your Mother Kept For You

(july 2014)

In Bubble Gum Pink, Reading Old Comic Books

(july 2014)

Ferny Roses On Old China Appeared In My Dreams
(july 2014)

Beribboned, Stand-Alone Petticoats

(july 2014)

Canary Diamonds On The Antiques Roadshow

(july 2014)

We Guard Our Words So Carefully

(july 2014)

Choosing The China Pattern For The Wedding Of Words (july 2014)

And Could We Ever Be Dressed in the Sunset Foils
(july 2014)

Silver Poets Census In The Firefly Galaxy Aftermirage (july 2014)

The Striped Goodness Of The Candy Cane Carousels
(july 2014)

They Come No More

(july 2014)

Beauty Remembers The Poet

(july 2014)

Slipper Song With a Matching Dress

(july 2014)

Not All The Branching Paths Are Gold

(july 2014)

And Were You Dreaming In The Licorice Night

(july 2014)

The Poets War Against Poetry While The Amateurs Are Comforted (july 2014)

Book Condition: (Fairest Of The) Fair

(july 2014)

Your Nose In A Book Or: A Kingdom Far From Here
(july 2014)

To Valerie Macon, New Poet Laureate Of North Carolina Or: World Poetry In A Single Bound Vaults Over The Nitpickers (july 2014)

On Break From The Offices

(july 2014)

Psalm For The Unsuccessful

(july 2014)

Billy The Kid In A Sky-Blue Kerchief

(july 2014)

It's The Dark Geranium Skies That Make Me Weep
(july 2014)

A Sparkling Ensued

(july 2014)

I Am The True Giselle She Said, She Did Not Say
(july 2014)

Hymn To God By The Dimming Light Of Competition Still, Most Beautiful By Far (july 2014)

As If The Sun Had Words

(july 2014)

I'm Not The Folk Tune Said The Princess

(july 2014)

Summer Music, Fireworks Melting The Ice Creams
(july 2014)

For Trilby, My Ruby-Eyed Stick Horse, Wandering
(july 2014)

This Is Not A Consolation Prize

(july 2014)

The Muse In Flight Before The Approaching Armies  (july 2014)

The Princess Missing Poetry At The Sold Out County Fair (july 2014)

I Want To Live In A Sky Blue Basket Said Someone Small (july 2014)

Metaphysical Wheat Germ Tableau With The Soup Not Highly Recommended (july 2014)

His Paintings Mourn His Departure

(july 2014)

Pencil Scribbles On A Small Notepad

(june 2014)


(june 2014)

The Last Cherry Dress

(june 2014)

Impressions Of The Death Of Garcia-Lorca On The Piano Of Pale Green Velvet (june 2014)

Malevich Lying In State Before The Black Square
(june 2014)

On Kierkegaard, That Oblique Knight

(june 2014)


(june 2014) 

Summer Afternoon, Pink Ice Cream Still Life

(june 2014)

On the Menu In The School Plaid Lunchbox First Day of Summer Vacation (june 2014)

We Wondered Where They Had Gone, Marveled The Keepers of the Cabinet Des Fees (june 2014)

The Wild Swans Survey The Village Of Inroads

(june 2014)

Pink Lotus Poem Floating On Other Waters

(june 2014)

Don't Go Into the Fairy Forests With Your Professional Demeanor (june 2014)

And Though The Looking Glass Hours Should Turn To Snow (june 2014)

The Book Tree Forest

(june 2014)

The Best Book Ever

(june 2014)

Where Is The Fairytale Bread You Kept In Your Pocket (june 2014)

Summer Rhapsody In Blue Raspberry Circa 1962

(june 2014)

Papier Mache, How Lovely Was The World

(june 2014)

The Green The Leaf Reverts To Should Earth Forget April (june 2014)

Cinderella's Tablecloth

(june 2014)

Will This Be On The Test? Asked Gretel

(june 2014)

On Her Wintry Planet, At The Close Of Day

(june 2014)

The Snow Maid Dreams Of An Impressionists' Spring, A Few White Violets (june 2014)

Jumbled Sewing Basket, Green And White Wicker

(june 2014)

A Blue Sun Painted On A Large Piece Of Paper

(june 2014)

Purple Martins In The Shadows Of Trees I Have Never Seen (june 2014)

Perfect Christmas Stocking

(june 2014)

To Those Who Painted The Incipient Wave

(june 2014)

Mandelstam's Ghost Returns Too Early

(june 2014)

Moonlight Never Melting, Mirrors of the Rose

(june 2014)

Near The Gemstone Tree Of Poetry She Cried

(june 2014)

It Is A Clouded Beauty

(june 2014)

Like Leaving The Piano Pedal Down

(june 2014)

Drinking The Pineapple Wind Out Of A Cloud

(june 2014)

It's Clouded Roseberry; What Did You Put In This Jam? (june 2014)

Cliburn In Moscow

(june 2014)

Mere Pageantry Is Dead, She Said

(june 2014)

I Saw the Fleeting Clouds Above The Plains

(june 2014)

Cloud Talking To The Cumulus


Fact Checking The Fairy Tales I Find


I Think Of My Buffalo

(june, 2014)

The Folks Back East Got Your Letter

(june 2014)

Through Fine Curtains, Looking At Her Coming Up The Walk For The Last Time (june 2014)

Philippe Petit: Balanced On His Best Day

(june 2014)

To The Apple-Green, Peach-Blossomed Skies!

Cried Buffalo Bill Riding Onward (june 2014)

Hurt, In the Waves Hans Andersen Turned Aside

(june 2014)

To Ray Bradbury Two Years Down The Heavenly Road (june 2014)

Pale Green, On The Under Leaf Of Words

(june 2014)

That There Should Be Flowers There

(june 2014)

It's The Paper Chains Of Red And Green My Lord
(june 2014)

Oh, How Have The Coloured Birds Flown From The Palace Of Night (june 2014)

To Rose Fyleman On A Katydid Wing In Bright Pink Handwriting (may 2014) 

Budding Artists In A Tempera Grove Play School
(may 2014)

After The Firebirds Leave The Paintings

(may 2014)

Peach Swung In The Vernacular, Day After Maya Died 
(may 2014)

She Curled Their Hair In Rags

(may 2014)

To The Poet On The Island Of Fire Marshals

(may 2014)

What To Do When Choosing A Poem For Dessert

(may 2014)

The Incredible Pink Playhouse Rose

(may 2014)

The Soul Near Her Bright Alcove Strayed

(may 2014)

Lost Things, Old Gloves, Old Fans, Pearl Opera Glasses (may 2014)

But Then I Spoke To His Pearl Ear

(may 2014)

In the Tulip Dress In Plato's Cave

(may 2014)

Beautiful Speech At The End Of The Beginning

(may 2014)

Toll Softly For Christiane Sheer Rosepetaled Song
(may 2014)

(may 2014)

Thumbelina At Christmas Tide

(may 2014)

Dish With The Spoon And Other Things

(may 2014)

The Dream Of Ballet, Vanishing Into Snow

(may 2014)

The Ice Cream Panes Of August Melt

(may 2014)

Hagiography Of The Little Match Girl

(may 2014)

Rosarium On The Still Waters

(may 2014)

White Frosted Cake Viewed At Ages 6 and 7

(may 2014)

My Grandfather In Broadmoor, Little Rock (July, 1962)
(may 2014)

The Babies Are Read To From The Encyclopedia Of Orange (may 2014)

The Princess Recounts The History Of Roses In A Picture Book Left At Versailles (may 2014)

The King Has Forsaken The Kingdom of Pink And Blue (may 2014)

At The Rose Rodeo, You Bet!

(may 2014)

Pavane Of The Sleeping Stream

(may 2014)

A (Slightly) Yummier Poem Called 'The Emperor of Ice Cream" (may 2014)

Further Or Farther The Golden Riddle Asked

(may 2014)

Cordelia And The Mandatory

(may 2014)

The Blessing Over The Apricot Nectar

(may 2014)

Lament On The Echoing Green

(may 2014)

Spelling The Things That Drift Away

(may 2014)

House Wanted: In A Dream

(may 2014)

Pale Blue Lament For The Caucus Race In Early Summer (may 2014)

Etched In The Stone, The Weeping Fern Survived
(may 2014)

Making The Lost Things Right

(april 2014)

The Lacework Of The Day Remains

(april 2014)

Blue Words Were Spoken From A Golden Book

(april 2014)

Daydream Of The Sequined School Assembly With Pale Pink Programmes (april 2014)

To Be Read With Strawberries and Cream

(april 2014)

Almost A White Horse

(april 2014)

To The Beautiful Returning On Starry Waters

(april 2014)

Green Mercies Poured Out In A Waking Dream

(april 2014)

Oh Bear

(april 2014)

The Last Spring Of King Midas

(april 2014)

Red Shoes Retelling

(april 2014)

God Considers The Scarlet Ibis

(april 2014)

Diamond Light Filled The Kingdom

(Variation On A Well-Worn Theme)
(april 2014)

Plucking At My Rainbow Trees

(april 2014)


(april 2014)

Little Girl In An Aqua Easter Dress Clutching A Bunch Of Flowers (april 2014)

And It's The Juniper Tale, Again In The Quilted 
Weather (april 2014)

American Folkloric And Pink As The Prairie, Stars
(april 2014)

The Many-Coloured Bear At Rest In A Variegated Light (april 2014)

Corina In Her Red Shoes

(april 2014)

I Don't Think God Wants To Be An Ideology

(april 2014)

Meditation On The Ark At Rest

(april 2014)

The Embroidered Pavements Of Mr. Chung Jik

Woo (april 2014)

Midnight Blue Tea Set From An Undetermined Dynasty (april 2014)

The Baby Mobile As Impossibly The Pattern Of The Heavens (april 2014)

To The Moonbyrd, Wandering

(april 2014) 

Selling Garcia-Lorca

(rev. april 2014)

The Queen At Sunset Addresses The Glass Jewels
(april 2014)

The Wind Has Caught The Tattered Rainbow Sail

(march 2014)

The Rose Recitals Seen In Retrospect

(march 2014)

Doll Riddle No. 1

(march 2014)

Brightness Is Brighter

(march 2014)

Be Not Afraid Sing The Christmas Angels

(march 2014)

Poetry On The Full Tides Going Home

(march 2014)

The Poet At Liberty To Eat Bread and Butter
(march 2014)

Yum Yum Said The Monster

(march 2014)

And I Have Been Beaten With Words

(march 2014)

Declaring Our Independence From The Clouds

(march 2014)

Sunday Best Words Come Strolling

(march 2014)

The Elephant Man In the Grape Arbor Hides From 
Sorrow (march 2014)

The Toothless Lion Chewed On His Cage Of Air
(march 2014)

The Dolls Being Hungry Play-Pretend About Art

(march 2014)

Imperfect Happiness Spilled Out Of A Golden Font Somewhere (march 2014)

To Edith Wharton Writing Ethan Frome By Ruby

Red Firelight At Home (march 2014)

Broken Willow Ware, Oh How Will I Cross Over

(march 2014)

It's The Fairy Queen Out Of Sight In Pale Pink Satin
(march 2014)

To The Poets In A Departing Light

(march 2014) 

Night Thoughts Of God

(march 2014) 

Rose Reverie Of The International Geophysical Year
(march 2014)

Another Shop On The Street With Mary Poppins

(february 2014)

And I Was Alive In The Cherry-Sprigged Day

(february 2014) 

Oh God Let There Be No More False Alarms

(february 2014)

It Is Astonishing The Princess Said

(february 2014)

Jewel-like In The Stirrups Flash The Outriders (february 2014)

Bright As The Census Of His Golden Pears

(february 2014)

Forgetting The Looking Glass We Left Behind (february 2014)

They Will Arise Parting The Dark Green Velvet Portieres (february 2014) 

Old Poetry, Torn Pocket Where The Diamond Dust Is Seeping (february 2014)

Etched In The Fossil Of Time Are The Tears

(february 2014) 

The Mermaid Predictions, The Future Of Snow

(february 2014) 


(february 2014)

Attic On A Summer Day Dusting Off Old Catalogs In Disarray (february 2014)

Maypole Dancing Dulcet As Spring

(february 2014)

Floretti Of The Hidden Stars Who Has

(february 2014) 

Amaryllis Ah The Lily Light

(february 2014) 

The Things They Think You Ought To Know

(february 2014) 

A Cream-Coloured Sigh From God And...

(february 2014)

Pale Pink Camellia Addresses The Soul Of Dumas
(february 2014)

Cut Out Of The Same Shimmering Cloth From

Beginning To End (february 2014)

Poem In Deep Winter/Dream Of The Baker's Daughter (february 2014)

Goodbye, Shirley Temple In The Lollipop Ship Absconding (february 2014)

Blue Starred In The Blue Grass Spring Lullay

(february 2014) 

I Saw The White Knight Shining In A Farther Dream
(february 2014) 

I Want To Find The Gold Lining Of The Lines

(february 2014)

Leading The Children Home Through A Blue Washed Twilight (february 2014)

There Is The Children's Miscellany Under Glass
(february 2014)

Rip Van Winkle Sends Regrets 

(february 2014)

Carnival Music All The Time

(february 2014)

Exiled To Find The Quick Notes Gathering On The Breeze (february 2014)

Losing The Rain On The Roof

(january 2014) 


(january 2014)

The Broken Chinaware Of The Exceeding Dream

(january 2014) 

Rose Pink Flamingo Flurries Over Africa

(january 2014)

My Faberge Egg Is Hatching Little Stars

(january 2014)

When You Have Finished With The Colouring Books
(january 2014)


(january 2014)

Returning To The Tower We Sought To Win

(january 2014)

It's The Raspberry Ripple Through The Ice-Creamed Stories (january 2014)

Under A Pink And Blue Sky

(january 2014)

A Letter Arrives In The Kingdom Of Nasturtiums
(january 2014)

Over The Velvet Rooftops Of The Night

Newswires Slowly Gathered (january 2014)

Child Near The Half-Glazed Pond In Early April 
(january 2014)

Drinking Our Milk Up Under The Milky Way

(january 2014)

Red Velveteen Wouldn't The Rosebuds Wish To Be
(january 2014)

It Snowed In My Dream The Princess Said

(january 2014) 

Nocturne Again In The Small Sleep Of The World
(january 2014)

They Would Not Send The Angels To Help Us

(january 2014)

God Grant To The Countries In The Fine Mists Of Your Eden (january 2014)

Fantasie Impromptu On Her Last Letter To Lytton
(january 2014) 

Deep In The Long Ago

(january 2014) 

Jump Rope Rhyme For Virginia Woolf

(january 2014)

Picture Book

(january 2014)

It's The Confetti Of Moonlight

(january 2014)

Mulberry Mulled The Princess

(january 2014)

Beautiful Dress

(january 2014) 

A Paperweight Pennysworth Of Pink Quartz Hearts, Please (january 2014)

It's All Lemon Chiffon

(january 2014)

Cake Batter Poem I Pour You Into The Pan

(january 2014) 

Red Teakettle

(january 2014)

Dorothy Slept In The Emerald Eye Of Cyclones

(january 2014) 

"Go Out Into the World!" She Cried She Cried

(december 2013)

Certain Poets Read The Skies As They Did Before
(december 2013)

The Things You Think You Ought To Know

(december 2013)

Was It Falling Down In Daylight

(december 2013)

Start With A Star

(december 2013)


(december 2013)

No Muted Merry Christmas Angels Sang

(december 2013)


(december 2013)

There Is No Death Of The Romantics

(december 2013)

Time At The Fairytale Threshold Cannot Pass

(december 2013)

Isn't It Enough That The Orchid Skies Intensify
(december 2013)

Snow Should Fall Like An Eyelash From The Moon
(december 2013)

Lost Saints Wandered Through Forests Of Miracle
(december 2013)

Her Wishes Were All Strawberry, Flecked In Golden Cream (december 2013)

Loving The Spotlight Till The End

(december 2013) 

It Wasn't The Doll-Like Certainty Of The Bride
(december 2013)

True Reading Is First Reading

(december 2013)

The Cameo I Have Hidden In My Heart

(december 2013)

Amy Lowell In Pale Narcissus Mourns For Modern Poetry (december 2013)

The Robin's Egg Blue You Held In Your Hands

(december 2013)

The Best Bear In The Forest

(december 2013)

One Day The Poets Of Earth Will Sing Again

(december 2013) 

Swallow-Like The Eyebrows Of The Poem Flew Far
(november 2013)

She Praises The Kingdom of Disney

(november 2013)

Circumspect In Velvet In The Train Of Her Long Thoughts (november 2013)

Mary Stuart, Mary Stuart

(november 2013)

Sleigh Bells From Mahler Drifted Near

(november 2013)

It's Only When The Parroting Colors Seem

(november 2013)

In A Sugared Quiet Lit By Multi-Coloured Stars
(november 2013)

Ruby-Throated Christmas At The Last

(november 2013)

What If She Wept Pearls

(november 2013)

Cash Given For Gold Even If It's Broken, Shone
(november 2013)

A Poet Near Thanksgiving Praises The Pease Porridge (november 2013)

A Short History Of The Poets, Recited Over The Sleeping (november 2013)

Van Gogh Mid-Afterlife In His Wild Rose Fields
(november 2013) 

The Postcard From The Alhambra Never Sent

(november 2013)

Pale Rivers Of Light At Elsinore, Half-Dreamed Ophelia (november 2013)

The Sugar Cookie Crumbles Of Itinerant Day

(november 2013) 

Angels Look Last On What You Had Seen

(november 2013) 

The Things That Did Not Come To Pass

(november 2013)

Someday At The Speed Of Wishing May We Find May Day Baskets From The Divine (november 2013)

And The Lilies Weep In The Fields Aggrieved For Wounded Beauty (november 2013)

Shekinah How I Do Regret The Side-Stepped Glory Of  Your Galaxies (november 2013)

Angel, Tin Drum, How Far We Have Come

(november 2013)

Poem For Those Offended By Public Prayer

(november 2013)

Summer Camp In Blazing Yellow Or Orange Zinnia With A Splash of Fuschia Just Like In Our Backyard
(november 2013)

One Winter I Dreamed Of White Wicker Furniture
(november 2013)

Small Meditation On Raspberry Strudel

(november 2013) 

Voice Prints Of The Angels On The Crystal Air

(november 2013)

Cherry Pie Medley With A Peach Pocketbook

(november 2013)

Midas At The End Of The World In Ornate Translation (november 2013)

Pale Flowers At Candlemass Chaunted The Lady

(november 2013)

Post Modern Canticle: To The Lady Of Shalott

(november 2013)

Angel Taxi In The Last Of The Lemon Light Dream
(november 2013)

We Are Not All Turned To Stone

(november 2013)

Second Thoughts In The Season Of Mists, Etc. (october 2013)

Flowers For Thomas Leland

(october 2013)

Bridals Of The Plum, Sweet Cherry Or Apple

(october 2013)

In A Swan Boat While Plum Blossoms Fall

(october 2013)

Gold Mesh Bags Held The Chocolate Money

(october 2013)

It's Cherry Coloratura Said The French Doll Decisively (october 2013)

Pink Candles Flare On A Rose Decked Cake

(october 2013)

The Dream Of The Overland China

(october 2013)

Flat-Out Soliloquy In The Old Folk's Home/Her Parakeet Said So (october 2013)

In The Shoemaker's Shop

(october 2013)

Word Cut Diamond, Diamond Cut Word

(october 2013)

The Eighth Day (With Heavy Hors D'oeuvres)

(october 2013)

Angel With Ferns In A Far Landscape

(october 2013)

Fall Back Into A Farther Snow

(october 2013)

Origami, Thought The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, Wordlessly (october 2013)

Lilliput Or Something Like It Somewhere

(october 2013) 

Postcard For The Tin Soldier In Tintypes Of The Rose 
(october 2013) 

Waterford, Crystaled Broken Is the Heart; In Pieces
(october 2013) 

I Never Pretended, A Fairy Godmother Said

(october 2013) 

Advice From Certain Fairies On Foreclosure. Shut Down? Shrink Down (october 2013)

Eating Off Flower-Sprigged Dishes

(october 2013) 

Wish Day Or Wash Day Or Combine

(october 2013) 

Shutdown, The Stars Have Scattered Before The Devastated (october 2013)

Again On Dry Land We Praise You Lord

(october 2013) 

Turn Down This Rubied Corner Of The Sky

(october 2013) 

Dear God In The Rentless Corner Of Your Sigh

(october 2013) 

A Brief History Of Your Apricot Shuttered Light
(october 2013) 

It's Pink Lemonade And Hardly A Surprise

(october 2013) 

Lost In The Woods Of Hoffman But Alive

(october 2013) 

And Lavishly, You Turned Your Heel

(october 2013) 

Poppy Bright In The Picture Book Of Time

(october 2013) 

Un Petit Cortege Minus The Rainbows

(october 2013) 

And Who Is Climbing There I Cannot See

(october 2013) 

The Patchworked Darlings Of His Quilting Mind

(october 2013) 

Light Years Cannot Distance You Oh Lord

(october 2013) 

Still Life With Fingerbowl And Flowers

(october 2013) 

It's Azure And The Clouds Are Streaming

(october 2013) 

Dining With William Blake I Think

(october 2013) 

Sewing The Sequins Onto The Night

(october 2013) 

It Would Be Cornbread, Frosted Palest Pink

(october 2013) 

The Poem I Would Like To Be Has Crystal Birds

(october 2013) 

I Want A House On Moss Green Velvet

(september 2013) 

Brocade (Gold-Leafed Were The Tears She Cried)
(september 2013)

So Beautiful Are The Cupolas Under The Solar Flares 
(september 2013)

Sipping Cherry Cola Through A Moonlit Straw

(september 2013) 

Golden Slippers Has The Child

(september 2013) 

Always He Untied The Knots In Necklaces

(september 2013)

Oh Singing Once More To The Cranberry Skies

(september 2013)

The Dream Life Of Roses

(september 2013) 

The World-Wide Worker Bees In Their Midnight's Sun (september 2013)

Let It Fall On The Pearl Of His Ear

(september 2013)

(september 2013)

Twilight Corsage Of The King Of Heaven

(september 2013) 

Losing The Blue Madonna To The Skies

(september 2013)

I Could Survive On All The Brandied Fruitcakes
(september 2013) 

I Have Lost The Robins Egg Blue Of My Easter Dress
(september 2013)

In My Cherry Cadenzas

(september 2013) 

Bright Red Geraniums On The Window Ledge Of A Dream (september 2013)

Get Coupons In Your Sleep; Save Precious Time

(september 2013)

The Slotted Spoon They Issued You

(september 2013)


(september 2013)

Green Horses Neighed For Their Gold Apples

(september 2013)

Do Not Thread Your Clouds Through That Blue Needle (september 2013)

The Lost Book Of Wonder Filled My Eyes 

(september 2013)


(september 2013)

In The Picture Book The Red Hearts Shine

(september 2013)

I Thank From My Heart All The Muted Poets

(september 2013) 

The Gingerbread's Lament With Little Punctuation
(september 2013)

My Candied Apple Ferris Shears The Sky

(september 2013)

With My Small Rainbow-Swirled-In Pebbles

(september 2013)

The Soft Paws Of The Tigers Rend But Not The Soul
(september 2013)

Are The Lemon Days Piled End To End?

(august 2013)


(august 2013)

The Doll's Boneyard

(august 2013) 

After Jacques Brel

(august 2013) 

I Have Placed My Hand In The Colour Of The Sky
(august 2013) 

God Keep The Heartbreak, Heartfelt (To Julie Harris) 
(august 2013)

How Fully Do The Empty Trees

(august 2013) 

(prose post)(august 2013)

Our Ship Going Nowhere In A Still Harbour

(august 2013)

Particoloured Tears Are Falling Through The Evening Blind [reposted]
(august 2013)

Out Here On A Limb For You

(august 2013)

The Painter At Sunset Unable To Capture It All
(august 2013) 

And So the Fairy Wish, Wound, Will Come To Pass
(august 2013)

There Is Another Kingdom Where The Brambled Roses Breathe (august 2013)

Are You Disappearing Still

(august 2013) 

Rainer Maria, It's The Rim Of Light

(august 2013)

To Be Hidden Under A Stone For The Next One Who Needs It (august 2013)

Blue Is The Bluest Joy

(august 2013)


(august 2013) 

Everything Chimes, Not Only The Wind-Chimes, Starbright, Aeolian (august 2013)


(july 2013)

Rebranding The Branded Who Are No Longer Here

(july 2013) 

Read In Your Own Language

(july 2013)

Through These Sheer Battlements

(july 2013)

I Dream Not Like a Fugitive, Leaving The Light On In The Poem (july 2013)

Oh Flower Flotilla Down The Dead-End Mines I Floated You (july 2013)

God Is Nearby

(july 2013) 

Dear Christmas King My Star

(july 2013)

I Tripped On My Shoelace Down A Starless Hole

(july 2013)

Losing Your Place In The Audience

(july 2013) 

As If It Could Be That Way
(july 2013)

Pure Tangerine Is The Colour I Would Speak

(july 2013) 

Softly, Before Summer

(july 2013)

Setting The Table With The Last Of The Rubied Spoons (july 2013) 

The Marvelous Floating Bookshop And Virtual Ice Cream Emporium (july 2013)

The High Promoters Of A Lost Art

(july 2013)

Oh Negligent Star And Fire

(july 2013)

Singing Without The Music They Passed On

(july 2013)

Someday On The Page Where The Monsters Are No More (july 2013)

Never Are We To Perceive The Endings In The Clouds (june 2013)

Variation With Glitter

(june 2013)

Elementary School Daydream Reprise

(june 2013)

Lost Poets On The Decks Of Their Lost Words

(june 2013)

Out Of A Golden Nutshell Or A Sigh

(june 2013)

Scarecrow Not Quite Dissolving By Orange Lollipop Lamplight (june 2013)

Holy Freedom Cried In A Cloud

(june 2013) 

To You, Reading Over My Shoulder

(june 2013)

Cooling My Pies On The Windowsill Of The World
(may 2013)

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true..."

(posting from The Holy Bible, King James Version)(may 2013)

What Will I Do With My Poem When It Grows Paper Wings (may 2013)

I've Looked Through Every Part of the Castle, The Princess Sighed (april 2013)

Jane Eyre

(april 2013)

Coming From The Cinema I Met My Soul

(march 2013)

Where Is The Beautiful Kingdom Where You Were

(march 2013)

Checking Out Of The Punch And Judy Show

(march 2013)

Non Generic Valentine To Christ The Lord Making No Name For Himself (february 2013)

All Beauty Was A Doorway Into God

(february 2013)


(february 2013)

Della Robbia And Other Things

(february 2013)

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself

(january 2013)

Beyond All Tithing

(january 2013)

The Last Republic In The Sun

(january 2013)

A Harp Is Weeping At The Door

(january 2013)

Fragment For Rilke Inlaid By Akhmatova And Dante
(january 2013) 

The Cyclops In REM Sleep (Dreams Of A Wedding)
(january 2013)

All Things You May Expect to Shine

(december 2012)

Pavane Of The Silver Beads

(december 2012) 

Pasting The Book Of Hearts By The Paper Doll Stream (december 2012) 

A Song Of Ascents
(november 2012) 


(november 2012) 

Aftermirage In The Violet Snow

(november 2012)

Raven Snow

(november 2012) 

I Saw A Shimmering Country In The Clouds

(october 2012)

Now They Will Say That You Are Dead
(on the death of the book, so-called)(october 2012)

Sleep Under The Rose Coverlet Still

(october 2012)

They Have Strewn My Heart On The Yellow Sands

(october 2012) 


(october 2012)

A Mythical Cow Person Protects The Homestead’s Hoard (october 2012)

It Worked For The Fairies At Some Point Didn’t It
(october 2012)

Welcome Ray Bradbury To Your First October In Heaven (october 2012)

Small Christmas Fanfare For The Aftermath

(october 2012) 

In Your White Cathedral On An April Day

(october 2012)

To All Those Beaten Well Behind The Scenes

(october 2012) 

For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Do Not Rest (september 2012)

The Princess Wearing Peach In The Long Ago

(september 2012)

Eating Red Velvet Cake With Premium Icing

(september 2012)

A Short History Of The Poets Recited For The Sleeping 
(september 2012)

The Dolls Have Preceded Us All

(september 2012)

Washed Farther Downstream

(september 2012)

Evermore Or Removing God From The Party Platform 
(september 2012)

Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale

(september 2012)

In Every Cell There Is A White Dove

(september 2012)

You Had a Locket And An Antique Smile

(august 2012) 

The Latest Dulac Illustrations

(august 2012)

Mermaid Pearled On The Parquet Prismed Sea Floor
(august 2012)

And if God Drops Us Down A Golden

(august 2012)

Note From Home, Years Later In Reply To A Note From School (august 2012)

White Jade

(june 2012)

Particoloured Tears Are Falling Through The Evening Blind (june 2012)

Even Late In The Day It Was Comforting To Think
(june 2012) 

Music Box Refrain On the Day Doc Watson Died

(may 2012)

At The Academy Of Golden Birds

(may 2012)

Recently, This Letter To Shalott

(may 2012)

With Eyes Deeper Than That

(may 2012)

She Tore The Page With The Rose On It

(may 2012)

At The Inauguration Of Snow

(may 2012)

I Will Mention The Blind Dissident Forever

(may 2012)

Another Crystal Ship Is Going Down

(april 2012) 

And Now The Commedia Del’Arte Is Leaving

(april 2012)

Cinderella.  Cendrillon

(april 2012)

The Swan Made Sky Is Drifting Over

(april 2012)

Lost World, Returning To Us Again

(april 2012)

To An Unknown Princess

(march 2012)

And Every Night We Leave In Dreams

(march 2012)

Dining On Cherry China With A Rose Overlay

(march 2012)

It Was There We Cherished The Memory Of Stars

(march 2012)

In Her Favorite Dream

(march 2012)

Berceuse Or What-You-Will

(march 2012)

Small Song To God My Father

(march 2012)

On A Childhood

(march 2012)

Relevance/All These Bright Soldiers Falling In The Mist (march 2012)

Play Something On The Violin For Rilke

(february 2012)

Blue Distances Don’t Make Me Cry The Way They Used To (january 2012)

Gretel’s Reminiscence

(january 2012)

Going North

(january 2012)

The Long Goodbye To The Horse Thieves

(january 2012)

Listening For The Beginning Of Snows, White Flowers. Celesta… 
(december 2011)

Weeping Coins Of Chocolate In The Snow

(december 2011)

Speaking English

(december 2011)

Walking On The Jewels Of Your Silence

(november 2011)

Burton Bringing The House Down

(november 2011)

Not Quite Drosselmeyer

(november 2011)

Field Notes From A Fairy

(november 2011)

Dress Code

(november 2011)

All Music Then Was Fraught With Angels

(october 2011)

Inexorable Rose

(october 2011)

Ashputtel Has The Loveliest Dress

(october 2011)

Simple Interrogations Of The Rose, Case Number…
(october 2011)

In A Year Of Japanese Enigmas

(october 2011)

Emily, It Is Getting Late

(october 2011)


(october 2011)

Cracking The Mold They Made For You

(september 2011)

The Mere Mention Of His Name

(september 2011)

Green Were The Worlds We Lived In Then

(september 2011)

Lament Of Therese Of Lisieux

(september 2011)

The Paper Door Cut In Silence

(september 2011)


(september 2011)

Wild Roses

(september 2011)

Song For Therese Of Lisieux

(september 2011)

Lieutenant Columbo Drops By The Dollhouse On Christmas Day 
(september 2011)

Forgotten Waltz No. 2 (After Liszt)

(september 2011)


(august 2011)

Startled Birds

(august 2011)


(august 2011)

Has Anyone Seen My Red Velveteen Flats?

(august 2011) 


(august 2011)

Facing The Dragons Down

(august 2011)

A Lapidary Stillness Fills The Room

(august 2011) 


(august 2011)

Valentine With Doves On The Seven Last Words Of Christ (august 2011)

I Dreamed In The Sea Of The Children Of Lir

(august 2011) 

To The Beautiful Kingdom Of Norway

(july 2011)

After The Gaelic

(july 2011) 

I Sent A Letter To The Russian Poets

(july 2011) 

Losing The Song With The High Ceiling

(june 2011)

Monograph For Juliet In Rose
(june 2011)

Contest Awards And Guidelines All Explained

(june 2011) 

Touring Angels

(june 2011)

To Be Sung In White Tulle, Silver-Sequined

(may 2011)

Miniatures (You Must Live Within Your Means)

(may 2011)


(april 2011)

The Rose-Red Sealing Wax On The Letter’s Dry Now
(april 2011)

The Childhood Of Marcel Proust

(april 2011)

Van Gogh To His Brother, Undated Letter, Summer, 1891 (april 2011)

Shed No Tears, Fond Unicorn

(april 2011) 

Around The Fairytale’s Gemstoned Page

(april 2011)

Memento Vivere

(march 2011)

Dim As The Bride

(february 2011)

I Looked Up And All The Stars Were Jasmine

(february 2011)

Many Beautiful Things Are Lost

(february 2011)

Unwrapping The Paper Theatre Of The Mind

(february 2011)


(december 2010)

Shadows Of Swans, Snow Tears Magisterial

(december 2010)

Letter To St. Catherine (Of Siena)

(november 2010)

Green Violin

(october 2010)


(prose entry)
(october 2010)

To A Young Artist Anywhere

(october 2010)

The Kitchen Maid Remembers The Emperor’s Nightingale (october 2010)


(october 2010)


(september 2010)

Cherry Coated Angels

(september 2010)

The Princess Cried Real Sequins

(august 2010) 

Here’s The Vivid Crayon Of The Sun

(august 2010)

Copious Weeping

(august 2010)

Lost At The Altar Of

(august 2010)

A Silver Branch Is Broken From

(august 2010)

Painted Ephemera Of The Rose

(august 2010)

Fra Angelico, It’s The Rose And The Gold

(august 2010)

Waving From The Dock This Time

(august 2010)

Can A Word Be Mapped

(july 2010)

Sight-Reading The Rose

(july 2010)

My Swans Wheel Away

(july 2010)

In The Palace Of Incredible Roses

(july 2010)

Drowning Happy

(july 2010)

In The Blankness Of Space A Blanker Star Shone Over 
(july 2010)

After Conrad Aiken

(july 2010)

In The Islands Off The Lost Coast of Monet

(july 2010)

Lament Of Leonardo On A Lost Notebook

(june 2010)

Palm Sundays

(june 2010)

Even When Words Are Cloth of Gold

(june 2010)

Rain Affects Incident Light

(june 2010)


(june 2010)

Snow Globe Vision Of La Belle Et La Bete

(june 2010)

The Pure Lyric, Undefiled; Not Subject To Psychological Profiling (april 2010)

By The Light Of Flickering Words

(april 2010) 


(march 2010) 

Goodbye Again In Emeralds

(march 2010) 

Lion, Tinman And Scarecrow

(march 2010) 


(march 2010)


(march 2010)


(march 2010)

Dear Everyone Everywhere Please Pray For This…
(february 2010)


(february 2010)


(january 2010)

Who Would Count All The

(december 2009)

Let Poetry Be Crowned Again With Flowers

(december 2009) 

I Saw The Ghost Of Walter De La Mare

(december 2009) 

Lives Of The Hunger Artists

(december 2009) 

Kabakovian Wonders Filled My Eyes

(december 2009)

Yours Is The Calla Star (Carol)

(december 2009)

Beauty Asks For A Rose

(december 2009)

The Phrase Where God Is Glad To Appear

(december 2009)

The Merchant Returns To Beauty

(december 2009)

Song Is A Ladder Of Diamonds

(november 2009)

Chaconne For Federico

(november 2009)

Coming Down On The

(october 2009)

Diamond Cutters

(october 2009)

To The King Of Poetry

(october 2009)

O Crystal Heart Of France

(october 2009)

St. Francis Sowed His Bluebirds

(october 2009)

The Red-Rose Sealing Wax On The Letter’s Dry Now
(october 2009)[earlier ending, last stanza]

To Every Poet Every Day

(september 2009)

The Snow Sledge Drives Through Lacquered Lands
(september 2009)

Found (My Lost Unicorn Wandered Far)

(august 2009)

Selling Garcia-Lorca

(august 2009)

The Novel Is A Dollhouse

(august 2009)

Heaven’s Words Flowed Downward

(july 2009)

First Dedication

(july 2009)

Song For The Last Interview

(june 2009)

You Should Have Been Painted In A Lilac Mist

(june 2009)

Anatoly Konenko And His Rose Books

(june 2009) 

Any Heart Breaking Over The World Is

(june 2009)

I Lost The Colors Of Giotto

(june 2009)

I Gathered Fresh Gardenias; You Were Missing

(june 2009)

For Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770)

(june 2009)


(may 2009)

Here is The Harbor Where The Ruby Ship

(may 2009)


(may 2009)

Would You Die For The Song That You Are Singing
(april 2009)

Who Will Take The Song

(march 2009)

I Went Back To Find The Golden

(march 2009)

It Is Night In The Emerald City

(march 2009)

Carving Words From This Thick Mist

(january 2009)

To God My Father From A Dubious Kingdom

(january 2009)

Rose Of Anonymity Rose

(november 2008)

When Will The White Birds Rise
(october 2008)

Praising The Book People

(october 2008)

Throwing My Soul From

(october 2008)

A Cherry Tree Wind Was Blowing

(august 2008)

That Is The Script They Hand You

(august 2008)

Elaborating This Kingdom Of Silence

(august 2008)

There Are Many Rooms

(august 2008)

If I Carry No Dream Inside

(august 2008)

I Kept Your Legend

(august 2008)

We Are Stricken

(august 2008)

Lament Of The Jewel-Box Ballerina

(august 2008)

There Needs To Be A Second Country

(august 2008)

Sleeping Where There Were

(july 2008)

Walking Staight Into The Fairytale Frame

(july 2008)

The Beauty Of What Is Difficult

(july 2008)

Lost In An Alien Music

(july 2008)

On The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto 12/27/07
(july 2008)

Living An Exiled American Life

(july 2008)

I Built A Hedge

(july 2008)

My More Than Mothlike Heart Alights

(july 2008)

I Want A Poem Like A Faberge Egg

(july 2008)

Take My Last Sapphire Wish To Use On

(july 2008)

I Wandered Every Fairytale Way

(june 2008)

I’m The One With The Ruby Slippers

(june 2008)

I Stood At An Ivory Distance

(june 2008)

When The Wistful Fairytale Imploded

(june 2008)

We Were Sailing Broken Ships

(june 2008)

A Dream Country Where You Go Around

(june 2008)

Why On Such A Golden Day

(june 2008)

In The Looking Glass It Began To Snow

(june 2008)

Next Time Pinch Yourself

(june 2008)

Oops! I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

(june 2008)

Living The Book Of Rose By Heart

(june 2008)

This Is Not The Dew Impearled

(june 2008)

Wildly Beautiful Improbable Message

(june 2008)

Not One More Emerald River

(june 2008)

I Can’t Reach The Cellar Door

(june 2008)

Someone Brought A Red Rose

(june 2008)

When You Tire

(june 2008)

Flicking The Emerald Dust

(june 2008)

When You Have Gone

(june 2008)

Dear Mr. Oz (The Great And Terrible)

(june 2008)

Here Is All I Would Like To See

(june 2008)

Bright Green Was The Land

(june 2008)

Green Leaves Emerge Like Little

(june 2008)

I Am Going Up An Emerald Staircase

(june 2008)

No More Emerald Music

(june 2008)

When I Woke Up

(june 2008)

I Thought That You Would Know

(june 2008)

Waiting for Oz Was Too Hard

(june 2008)

The Startled Birds Fly

(june 2008)

Oh Melting Page

(june 2008)

I Reached The High Snows of

(november 2007)

Dedication – To God, My Heavenly Father And Friend… (september 2007)

To You Wherever You Are Walking

(august 2007)

My Words Burst Into Bloom

(august 2007)

My Star, My Shield I Will Keep

(august 2007)

Be My Heart, Be My Shield

(august 2007)

Depth Charges At Every Level

(august 2007)

Stringing My Illiterate Lyre

(august 2007)

Suffusing My Heart In Sunrise

(august 2007)

Jeanne D’Arc

(august 2007)

The Fairytale Stories Will Emerge

(august 2007)

Do Not Speak In The

(august 2007)

Neither Shouted Nor Spoken

(august 2007)

This Is Not A Valentine

(august 2007)

Snow After Snow Will

(august 2007)

Blossoming Sea And

(august 2007)

I Trace The Pattern On The

(august 2007)

In A Hurry You Explained

(august 2007)

All Your Fallen Down Castles

(august 2007)

Held In The Heart Like Splendor

(august 2007)

They Know The Steps

(august 2007)

I Saw The Lyre Of Heaven Broken

(august 2007)

Sorrow Is Sifting Down

(august 2007)

There Are No Bankable Angels

(august 2007)


(august 2007)

Running Down The Crystal Staircase

(august 2007)

Monument, 2

(august 2007)

For a Little While, The Light On Lorca’s Face

(august 2007)

The Peau De Soie Dress In The Corner

(august 2007)

A Pink Chalk Moon Rising Behind A Blue

(august 2007)

The Book I Was Reading

(august 2007)

All Night Long

(august 2007)

Leaving The Incandescent World

(august 2007)

All Images Of Beauty Are Effaced

(august 2007)

I Was Skating On Silence

(august 2007)

Manassas, I Remember

(august 2007)

I Lost That Summer Walking On

(august 2007)

It’s Just Breadcrumbs Under Moonlight

(august 2007)

You Couldn’t Return My Phone Call

(august 2007)

Pandora Opened A Box Of Light

(august 2007)

Like Exupery’s Rose

(august 2007)

Against Your Invisible Shoulder (Hymn)

(august 2007)

After The Messengers Leave

(august 2007)

Sadness Is A Kingdom With Starless Walls

(august 2007)

Saying Goodbye To The Enchanted World

(august 2007)

Galileo.  Galileo

(august 2007)

Another Jade Sunset In The Land Of Oz

(august 2007)

I Won’t Be Singing Over Your Grave

(august 2007)

There Is No Rose Adagio

(august 2007)

I Will Return To You, My City Of Emeralds

(august 2007)

The Ribbon Of Your Feeling Folds

(august 2007)

Oh Giotto! All Your Colors Are

(august 2007)

There Is No Golden Thread Running Through

(august 2007)

Reading Monet At Midnight

(august 2007)

To The Pearl Poet

(august 2007)

Light Will Come Again To Rest

(august 2007)

Antigone, It Is Not My War

(august 2007)

Fruit Flavored Drinks Were

(august 2007)

I Carry White Roses Through The Snow

(august 2007)

Is It Wellwater Shining

(august 2007)

I Kept Your Carnelian Word

(august 2007)

This Prismatic Day

(august 2007)

I Have Gathered My Snow Apples

(august 2007)

Let Us Return To The Country Of Clouds

(august 2007)

You Must Become A Kingdom That Dissolves

(august 2007)

The World You Were Whirled Away From Will Remain (august 2007)

The Golden Spindle Lies On The Floor

(august 2007)

We Are All Broken Under Starlight

(august 2007)

Here In My Rose Window

(august 2007)

In The Deep Shade Of Luscious Cherry Language

(august 2007)

In The Cathedral Of Our Feeling

(august 2007)

Still Imbued With The Living Rose

(august 2007)

Not Wanting To Be A

(august 2007)


(august 2007)

The Fairytale Deepened

(august 2007)

I Put On My Glittering Dress

(august 2007)

Every Page Was Lilac When

(august 2007)

Beginning With The Letter “Snow”

(august 2007)

This Is My Matchstick

(august 2007)

Swans’ Wings And Other Meanings

(august 2007)

I Was Wearing A Dress Of Impeachable Hue

(august 2007)

Walking Toward The Square of Malevich

(august 2007)

I Was Walking In The Snow

(august 2007)

What Is White Poetry

(august 2007)

Her Dreams Shine Like Water Every Day

(august 2007)

If Tears Should Fall On The Shining Page

(august 2007)


(august 2007)

It’s Not The Illuminations Over The Palace

(august 2007)

The Night Was Starred With Lapis Lazuli

(august 2007)

There Is No Madrigal

(august 2007)

My Die-cut Snowflake Sorrow

(august 2007)

It Sometimes Seems To Me

(august 2007)

Oh How Could The Stars Be

(august 2007)

Losing The Emerald Way Again (Psalm)

(august 2007)

Here Is My Signature On Snow

(august 2007)

My Ship Seems Lost At Sea

(august 2007)

Midnight Snow Will Be Forming

(july 2007)

I Washed My Hands In The Snow

(july 2007)

Lost At These Frail Latitudes, I

(july 2007)

Tears Of The First Magnitude

(july 2007)

I Have Wandered In White Kingdoms

(july 2007)

Broken On The Shore

(july 2007)

Manuscripts Don’t Burn

(july 2007)

The Trees Shake Out Their Tears

(july 2007)

Remonstrating Angels Restrained My Hands

(july 2007)

My Heart, My Dream, My Radiance

(july 2007)

Madonna Of All Stillness (Variation)

(july 2007)

Madonna Of All Stillness, 1

(july 2007)

I Was Living On A Different Floor

(july 2007)

Who Will Wake The Sleeping Angels

(july 2007)

My Cause Is Not Clear

(july 2007)

They Were Seeding The Clouds With Sorrow

(july 2007)

This High Circus Life Has

(july 2007)

Storage Unit

(july 2007)

We Will Not Be Lured From These Bright Paths

(july 2007)

Oh, Let Me Fall Through The

(july 2007)

For the Moment, A Sanskrit Illumination

(july 2007)


(july 2007)

These Are The Hedges of Snow

(july 2007)

I Was Reading From The Book Of Swans

(july 2007)

I Went Through Your Epochs

(july 2007)

I Feel My Soul Returning

(july 2007)

Her Dreams Shine Like Water Everyday, II

(july 2007)

For Icarus, In The Final Moments

(july 2007)

Every Moment Has Its Own Light

(april 2007)

All My Paper Towers Are Not

(april 2007)

Oh Flower Falling From

(april 2007)


(april 2007)

This Bargain Will Never Be Sealed

(april 2007)

Standing Still In A Corridor

(april 2007)

Every Sentence Is A Train of Pearl

(april 2007)

I Will Traverse This Winter Distance

(april 2007)

There Is Entrapment On

(april 2007)

There Will Be A Snowfall Of Poems

(april 2007)

I Set My Foot Upon The Road

(april 2007)

What Have They Done With

(april 2007)

Through All This Coded Music

(april 2007)

I Dreamed Of A Language

(april 2007)

Osip Mandelstam

(april 2007)

My Soul Is A Traceless Wound

(july 2006)

The Documents The Queen Must Never See

(july 2006)

I Dreamed I Saw The Libraries of Heaven

(july 2006)

I Draw My Heart Into A Sieve
(july 2006)

I Am The Tree Of White

(july 2006)

I Am Sending This Flare Up, Oh 

(july 2006)

Here Is The Watermark

(july 2006)

Fra Angelico On The Green

(july 2006)

For The Light Of Your Palms

(july 2006)

In A Dream Of White Lead

(july 2006)

If I Tremble Like Glass

(july 2006)

For Russia

(july 2006)

At The Foot Of Your Golden Mountain

(july 2006)

Angels Of Flame Were Bending

(july 2006)

All These Momentary Stays Of Execution

(july 2006)

All Their Flags Have Fallen

(july 2006)

All The Hidden Names Of The Sky

(july 2006)

My Castles Are Buried In Snow 

(july 2006)
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