Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Midnight Snow Will Be Forming

midnight snow will be forming
soundless words on a
page of


angels scored on lamplight
in an endless tally
silently you will gather

all sadness in.

let me live in the

startling air,
your reverie and

the sudden blossoming snow-

mary angela douglas 2 december 2000/30 may 2005

I Washed My Hands In The Snow

I washed my hands in the snow
of your attrition:
it was time to go.

holding onto the sleeves

of your angels and
paying attention to

the night skies-

I gave you this worn out


knowing it was not enough-

mary angela douglas 30 july 2001

Lost At These Frail Latitudes, I

lost at these frail latitudes I
still exist: to measure the
snows of silence I

don't understand

bearing your wavelength like a crown

and living out a language that's
not finished yet-

I monitor the surface

the ground-

resting near a window onto space-

mary angela douglas 23 january 2003/30 may 2005

Tears Of The First Magnitude

tears of the first magnitude,

the second, the third,
filling the terraces

of night, dark night, and
darkest night.

in a more and more intricate
dream, I woke up, still
weeping in my dream, tears

of the first magnitude and
the second, and the third...

mary angela douglas 15 december 1997

I Have Wandered in White Kingdoms

I have wandered in white kingdoms
where the bleached lights

over an expanse like tears

suspended, like

tears suspended-


leaves enveined

could not bear their own silver

or the ache of a

winter existence extended beyond-

any plausible contract-

mary angela douglas 11 december 2004

Broken On The Shore

broken on the shore
with your broken images-

I am still alive
reversals are carried by

the heart that can't
sustain them;

released like fireflies
into the sun,

messages are not conveyed

I am still alive
waves of light are deflected

waves of tears are not

still, these fragments shine

I am still alive

and my tears burn an

aperture through

these skies of endless steel

mary angela douglas 13 november 1999/28 august 2005

Manuscripts Don't Burn*

the poems of the stars are
gone, and fire-spared

never endings-

lost as the silent reaches

their language was intended

and overreaching love

in its Icarian phase.

but I am sinking, snow-deep,
in sound, but I am on

the first page, again

of skies no power can consume-
regaining your syllable after


mary angela douglas 22 february 2001/28 august 2005

*refers to line in Mikhail Bulgakov's Novel The Master and Margarita:

"Didn't you know that manuscripts don't burn?"

The Trees Shake Out Their Tears

the trees shake out their tears
in late December
against a childhood backdrop and a

lavender sky

the princess in the play

will never smile

in a free country this

will be seen as

treason or at least,

a failure to grow up

but no one will be able to

improve on this play

and in unreconstructed

balcony scenes
across the footlights she
may show

what it feels like to be living this way

mary angela douglas 31 may 2005

Remonstrating Angels Restrained My Hands

remonstrating angels restrained my hands
my tears were caught up in the sun

my lamentations
hidden by sudden snowfall

all the papers can't be filed
all the papers won't be read
or signed

in another kingdom we were
drenched with sudden rainbows
monuments were made of flowers

leaders were neither made

nor born

my heart my heart
was never torn-

mary angela douglas april 2004

My Heart, My Dream, My Radiance

my heart, my dream, my radiance

the key breaks off like


fullness is not gathered-

holy image within image

if I could break all their
mirrors designed for looking
past you--

the soul of my soul in
weeping endlessly

configures endless light

mary angela douglas 5 april 2001

Madonna Of All Stillness (variation)

Madonna of all stillness
of intransigent peace
I will begin like snow, again

all roads of light will

meet in you

to clear the whitest whiteness
so far from all this to
break the crystal air with

my sigh:

there is no circumference of tears of

poetry in flight of hidden

sudden departure
you have turned on your starlit heel

banished with all your snows and

there is no end to searching for

another way out

but we will live on in this
orphaned kingdom
diverting all streams to your

mary angela douglas 5 april 2001/30 august 2005

Madonna Of All Stillness, 1

Madonna of all stillness.

Madonna of intransigent peace-

all the roads of light will

meet in you.

there is no circumference of tears, of

banished snows, of poetry
in flight-

there is no end to searching for


since no altar on earth is free
from mothlike devotion:

guard the candle of my soul-

mary angela douglas 5 april 2001

I Was Living On A Different Floor

I was living on a different floor
you couldn't understand how I
even got in the building

but I was really there-
watching the snow fill up
the courtyard

watching the skies and their
flurries of birds

trying not to break-
praying the moon would just glaze over.

I left to get groceries

a thousand angels had to help me
get back in.

mary angela douglas 2 may 1999

Who Will Wake The Sleeping Angels

who will wake the sleeping angels
or pass through fire as if through


questions arose in dreams

unsifted gold,

they were never answered

sighs were rewarded with


those who wrote of this were


mary angela douglas 3 june 2000

My Cause Is Not Clear

my cause is not clear:
letters of frost arrive
I can't answer.

spring is in decline
before the first bud opens-

before my heart

the level plains unwind-
beneath a sky of no colors

and messengers go by
any other path
having been warned

in a dream-mary angela douglas 28 march 1999

They Were Seeding The Clouds With Sorrow

they were seeding the clouds with sorrow
in a roseless nation
I could not wake up

from this dream

when the words on the tip of your

tongue failed like snow would
and the reckless shadow of

your hand brushing the clouds aside was

sadly, inconclusive-

mary angela douglas 28 december 2002/28 december 2005

This High Circus Life Has

this high circus life has
its irrefutable laws

but clowns are sustained by
clowns less wounded in a
painting by Roualt
how it should ever be-

alas but I am here
where clowns roll off
the edge of the sky

and I begin to cry

since all their sawdust ways I
can not defend

or bind, protected in
my book of consolations

mary angela douglas 12 august 2001/31 may 2005

Storage Unit

in between day jobs we must grow

smaller roses in an infintessimal

garden-the air scented for one breath only

and one star crouched above

must represent

the universe we are permitted-

mary angela douglas 6 january 2005

We Will Not Be Lured From These Bright Paths

we will not be lured from these bright paths

when faux rose windows begin
to gleam

warring factions will scatter their push pins

over the map of no known counties

birds from fairytale
regions will start to sing,

all other things being equal in the castle

finding their
long-imperiled music unaffacted

and the princess will no longer be
forced to spin straw into straw

and call it golden

mary angela douglas 3 may 2005

Oh, Let Me Fall Through The

oh let me fall through the
fairytale's mirror
on the other side is

a freedom not realized
before and light and
castles meant to be

lived in I am sure

the wings of the deliverers hasten-
the trial of the innocents could

stand interruption-

and, balanced over the lake of glass, the

ballerina must always be true
and not turn in the breeze-

mary angela douglas 19 august 2002

For The Moment, A Sanskrit Illumination

for the moment, a Sanskrit illumination-

and clouds slip over a polished moon
they are throwing voices on the
surface of things

I am dying from the sand of all

but this condensation of infinite

diamond by diamond, will appear
much more like love than

so many light-year generations later-

mary angela douglas 25 november 2001


[to Sara Teasdale]

this word flows away like music
this word flows away
into a farther heaven of


snow like a trackless
deeper silence this
bird flies away

this leaf drifts away like
music this leaf
drifts away

under a brand, a singing
rapture, singed by no questions

this wind melts away
into a greeness never
visioned, into no one's


into no one's least revision
and no ocean's bay-

mary angela douglas 25 april 2004

These Are The Hedges Of Snow

there are the hedges of snow-
of the incontrovertible uses of

of scriptures recalled in dreams

and not found yet on earth

this is the instep of silence

a double to the white
rose of Dante an

aperture to the stars

and non-commercial space-

my feeling my words my


mary angela douglas 13 july 2003

I Was Reading From The Book Of Swans

I was reading from the book of swans
from images of clear regality

from quietness-

my soul did not glide like

those stars upon the waters

but I could understand

something more mysterious
was required of us

than current broadcasts-

mary angela douglas 24 july 1999

I Went Through Your Epochs

I went through your epochs
one by one:

blazing a circle, not
a trail

I was not met at the door
by anyone

while in so many dreams
you did not appear

and I have cradled nothing
but my fear
that all my love is turning

into snow of a winter in
which whole worlds will be

and one without which not
even God can stand

mary angela douglas 12 may 2001

I Feel My Soul Returning

I feel my soul returning
to a shimmering state

golden threads are in the

they can be gathered

in a chapel of snow invisibly

you watch with Quixote

through the long night

enacting the fables
ridiculed on the news:

waiting to find again

under an unmisted sky:

the jeweled windmills

under the jeweler's light

mary angela douglas 28 august 2005/rev. 31 july 2007

Her Dreams Shine Like Water Every Day II

her dreams shine like water

poured from the pitcher of time

within time, oh

frame by frame, can we rehearse-

in a fairytale's nomenclature

the world with no distress?

may you fade into
an emerald situation-

every green tree will keep
your own inveterate heaven

mary angela douglas 28 april 2003/rev. 31 july 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

For Icarus, In The Final Moments

there is lightening

over the sea.

now I know that
you are going

and will not return.

but I have kept
all the blueprints from that first day

and the paintings of
your Sun-

mary angela douglas june 2007