Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dim As The Bride

dim as the bride
on the last horizon-
all of my snows were home

they have floated now
like light through veiled prisms breaking;
I'm not called away to their collapse.

the offices on the moon are clouded.
there's no line left to stand in here on earth
all of my snows were true

but now, they freeze into
these pale trajectories of flights dismantled
where green grass doesn't stain

where blue is no longer sky yet-
"bends not with the remover to remove"*
love is not love that bruises
the least snowflake fading

though the windlass fails.

now the pollen of my farthest star
is weeping
and someone's yanked the chain
on the light-bulb moon

lily shadows lily

but all my snows
in soft, bright encore reappear
as I am gathering still

these small waxen words revealed
over a roiling sea...

oh icarus
o Christ.

remember me

mary angela douglas 22-23 february 2011

*Shakespeare sonnet

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Looked Up And All The Stars Were Jasmine

"The call to action last Saturday draw less attention to the Chinese people. However, in Beijing, a man named Liu Xiaobai 25 years old was ambushed by the police when putting jasmine flowers in front of fast food restaurants, especially, McDonald's, which was mentioned as the location of a planned protest, and took some photos there.

"I was very scared when the police took my cell phone. I just put some white flowers. What's wrong with that," said Liu. "I'm an ordinary citizen who love peace."

Security forces intended to arrest Liu previously, but the crowd of journalists initially prevented the arrest. Two other men were also arrested. Not yet clear whether the actions were related to 'Revolution Jasmine'. The arrest took place in Shanghai.

On Sunday, the government went further, reaching the virtual world. Search for the keyword 'jasmine' is blocked in similar micro-blogging site Twitter in China, Not only that, short messaging service via mobile phones are also disturbed."

AP Article found on VIVA newspost Internet Sunday February 20, 2011 after initially hearing about this on BBC Radio
I looked up and all the stars were jasmine
the moon was veiled in jasmine
the crickets in the dark
sang "jasmine", "jasmine"

in my heart a small white
flower so perfumed
in my heart a small
white flower, delicate, in freedom

bloomed and bloomed.

I looked out and all
the earth was jasmine
folded into Space save in

one place, only-
a poet with one last word to spend
spread a trail of jasmine

and was led away to who
knows where by those afraid
of only flowers.

now the lines on God's own weeping palm
are crossed and crossed again,
but they spell "Jasmine"

and all my tears-
and all my tears-
are jasmine. jasmine.

mary angela douglas 20 february 2011

Many Beautiful Things Are Lost

many beautiful things are lost
in the sea of forgetfulness
and the clipped birds

from fairytale regions
cannot rise
oh bring to me

as of old
the laden ships
and the gold of words spoken

for beauty alone and for no other reason
so that I am not lost
so that I am not lost-

with them-

mary angela douglas 20 february 2011

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Unwrapping The Paper Theatre Of The Mind

unwrapping the paper theatre of the mind
see the gold of stardust sifting past
the foiled huntsmen in the distance...

the backyard roses heaped up on the stage
let you know the end of something shines-
but you are too entranced to move
when no wind stirs the whirring pinwheels

and the dolls can't tear their marbly eyes away
from the cardboard angel flittering

in a tiny pink spotlight.
let the colored filters turn their
candied cellophane light,

rickety, on a
single crystal slipper-
though the paper candelabrum blaze

in medias res...
the razzle-dazzled mouse runs down
the semblance of a chime-

it's time to go.
and you can feel
faery music from the battlements

begin, this time, for real-

mary angela douglas 3 february 2011