Sunday, June 07, 2015

They Get The Lingo Jingo

they get the lingo down pitty pat butter pat
in any generation, that's for sure
whenever they're wrangling their wranglers

oh it's a tip top ranch with branches everywhere.
no trees they can't see the forests for.
oh but it's parquet floored it's in the right

neighborhood and with the approved rugs,
the specified pugs.
at Christmas, sparkle!

you wreaths in countless windows.
with every other symbol.
I'm impressed.

not dressed for success though
(clueless are the shoeless)

in the know and
edgy as all get out.
get out!

sprtiz yourself all over with
the latest words
it's still all

Halloween Junction.
no compunction
when it comes down to it

in trading your soul
for the new one on display
is that ok?

you'll ask their mirrors
does it make me
look complicit?

mary angela douglas 7 june 2015