Monday, March 22, 2010

When I Stood In The Emerald Rain

when I stood in the emerald rain
all these things came back to me

with no translator.

make the fairytale your own-

you said to me, or meant to say-
whenever you want to be absolved

from old distress and the knot in your stomach

this far from home.

whenever I stand in the emerald rain

these are the words I say to myself
when no one else is listening

but the last bird singing in the jeweled rain.

mary angela douglas 11 february 2010

Goodbye Again, In Emeralds

the wobbly weather vane comes to rest
oh bottle-green world I can't pretend
to know who I am without you


the glass of your towers totters and then,

rights itself
(I don't know how)

but I'm too far to go back, now-

either way,
left in-between

counting the wonders remaining

to one side, the prairie stars

and farther ahead, forever unwinding-

the vast plains of emerald, nonpareille-

mary angela douglas 10 february 2010

Lion, Tinman And Scarecrow

lion, tinman and scarecrow:
was I ever really with you?
did I really wear those shoes?

I wonder if you think of me

and where you landed
if you landed

when your own storms were


could we ever do again

what we did then
believing in everything as it lay before

God in our pocket

on a golden road-

so close to the emerald door

mary angela douglas 20 october 2007

The Tinman's Christmas Dream

with the corner of her blue-green apron
she dabbed away the tinman's tears
how dreadful to be left alone

for years she cried
and no one come to
take you home.

the tinman slept, he dreamt
of tin stars meshing in the Heavens
and a kingdom gauzy as

Christmas lights where little children
played for him on little tin whistles

and asked him, when he cried
for joy?

"What makes your Heart so shiny?"

mary angela douglas 10-11 february 2010


the scarecrow mixed his tenses but
he smiled
although inside he was

weeping straw, sometimes-

he gestured with his rag-doll hands,
the very soul of courtesy.

oh did you hold onto the tangerine days?

each one was like a best balloon-
and straw-by-straw on your

lopsided way, find everything

was meant for you?
and we were sorry for the times

you skittered into the flame-throwers-

and so happy you were stitched up-

in the end-

mary angela douglas 10-11 february 2010

Lion (And You Know Which One)

the dandelion lion on the cream-colored road
swished his tail in the churning fog
"I'm not afraid," he almost roared
(quite unsettling the little dog)

"of any beasties I can't see
whenever my friends are here with me."
the dandelion dandy lion
when lemon ice-box stars emerged
purred with joy on the
butter-rum road, picking out thistles

from his curlicued fur
and melted gruffly
(wouldn't you?)

as the sweet green castle
came in view-

mary angela douglas 9-11 february 2010