Monday, March 18, 2019


I write in cherry filling
they write me back:
potato. no butter pat.

I write in curlicue frosting.
they only write in bossing.
day after day in a cubicle way

I'm bursting with so many things to say
not in addendums.
why can't I win them

over to a merrier way
cordially yours at least
with or without the cherries.

more than the crumbs
from the board room feast
in sleeting January.

mary angela douglas 18 march 2019


I dreamed the Lord God put Marc Chagall
in charge of snowfalls.
Imagine how it all looked coming down

in candied colours all over town
and in the hills
how rainbows melted and refroze

above the rills.

mary angela douglas 18 march 2019

Everything Is Not A Contest If You Don't Want It To Be

everything is not a contest
if you don't want it to be
I don't want it to be.

what if they held auditions for the birds
what if some birds didn't make the cut
how triste we would be.

the forests filled with pared down song
maybe two. tops, three. what would the mute birds do
limited to:

whatever wasn't previously sung.

why should you wait for months
to hear back from the magazines
till Kingdom come

when you can go anywhere

in the great outdoors
maybe to the canyons
and recite for free

I like canyons better than magazines.
think of the echoes.
the resonance. the company

of blooming cacti keeping their secrets.
they know how it feels to be patient
awaiting their flowering, published to the winds.

patience doesn't really even come into it.

not being compared. not worrying about
first serial rights.they can fare.
friends with the starry nights

unaware of the contradictions and the spite
of trying to prove in a dry spell
to the resident cognescenti

they really are capable of flowering.
meanwhile they defend themselves
from condescending smiles

with their prickles like Exupery's rose.
well, they might.they could. who knows.
really, they don't have to do anything.

just wait for the desert Spring.
isn't that something worth singing about?

flower on your own. crawling to no throne.
you will know
the happiness of not being paid in copies.

not bartering your Manhattan for trinkets.
of singing because you want to.
painting or dreaming.

skipping in the lanes.
sans the workshop disdain.

the grim reengineering
right within your hearing
for the MFA.

stand in the clearing.
far from the fray.

joy is better that way.

sound never dies they say.
already you would be immortal
sing song saying it

even in your dust bunnied room.
even in a tomb.

due to the laws of sonics.
happy in your phonics.

barely whisper your latest sonnet
to a crowd of angels...

sound never dies. nor music.
music in God, the trefoil union intact.
the heart singing all on its own

undeterred, silvery perhaps,unbeknownst.
like a ghost.
in its own mystique.

proofread by no creep;
poor editor with no sleep.

a heightening mirage

leaving its sound print, invisible track upon
the open universe soaring above the pines

so that the leaves sigh.the upper atmosphere.
clouds in their vagueness;
the air, bursting with wings

and turquoise.

mary angela douglas 18 march 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019



gold flakes off the sun
or stardust streams from the once upons
and suddenly you stand inside the crystal.
not outside, looking at the diagram again, uncomprehending.
or feel on your face the winds of Athens,
Shakespeare rising
and you, the Dialogues, you are the plays, each one
as though you spoke each word in your sleep originally.
or it's bright midsommer on a jam coloured day
when you feel called inside the treasure heaped caves
eluding chores
and wander in...
the dream within the dream and Calderon...
oh life, the fleeting the beautiful has come and gone
and now returned, you hear the light leaves murmur
in their song that you like Shelley are the King of clouds.
or Queen of the May or the Saint envisioning the
curative fountains, directed to find them
on some Saturday...
what century am I today you feel like Alice
still in the same blue dress wondering at her desk that
then the strawberries gleamed too
in Junes and children sat in school
reciting golden numbers feeling metrics
like the drone of bees outside the open windows
sanguine amid the flowers
till called to attention. in their new school shoes
from such reveries...on the eve of undeclared war
or simple as cream, the walking out the doors
to waiting trains;
the winter seeds sown.
let us revisit these scenes
all  the way down to their sunless seas
the Christmas ghost pleads (or Coleridge, who knows)
and you go with them  through the clouded dells
to all that you could never spell
or with the Blessed Damozel
to forgotten wishing wells, or come upon shelves unshelved of
untranslated biographies
in fragments, seraphs in tears
for all the unrecorded years...

one star upon a stone
that sang out:"Christ!" along a tolling road
and you elucidating, on your way, your own
while some take orders for a seamless garment

the cost of dreams the cost of dreams the cost of dreams

mary angela douglas 16 march 2019...

Sunday, March 10, 2019


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On A Springtime Production Of Ionesco's "Exit The King" (Fontbonne College, 1970)

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Somehow I See Them Anyway (january 2018)

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