Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It's Azure And The Clouds Are Streaming

it's azure and the clouds are streaming
time-lapsed toward the moon and
have you fallen through the gem-stoned cracks
with rings on your fingers from
the gum machines?

or are you still here when rose appears
too soon in the skies and unexpectedly
or when accelerating angels catch

the drift of your Czerny,
are you still practicing?

it's echo location in the great gold halls
and out of a burgundy heart 
this music's flowing somewhere for

and it's your April
wear white violet for awhile

you'll still be near when snow's sent scudding
toward the constellations
God hid in the Easter grass of heaven:
bedazzled with raspberry forethought 

for the astronomers and for you

mary angela douglas 2 october 2013