Tuesday, June 02, 2009

For Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770)

["Il pleure dans mon coeur..."
-Paul Verlaine (after Rimbaud)]

Thomas Chatterton the rain

runs in rivulets off the roof
and down the colors of dreams

so obliquely

this distilled
you might remember

Thomas Chatterton

youngest brother to amending music,
so unmended

is it always raining

at the back of every poem
and just for you?
with your antique pen brand-new

your last loaf hard

as brickbats-
steeped in documents
of moon-drenched moment;

rosebud, salient madrigal

these small strawberries

in the grass
I've picked for you

your eyes pooled with treasure

only you could name.
forgive all lack of feeling:

the forgeries of the cold;

all those who meant to read you

bless from your starry attic

those who followed you, too late
the rain in this poem

and all others

mary angela douglas 1 june 2009