Tuesday, August 23, 2011


[to Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah (the overcoming one...)]

the brigands go the other way;

calumny stares stone-statue dead
at the white-frost crossroads

in my head

suddenly everything
turned to song.

white flowers staunched

the senseless wounds
where late and long my soul had bled
and I cannot relate to you
how suddenly the winter fled.

everything suddenly turned to song

the hand upraised struck down
at last
and evil's anvil hatched and passed
flowed by You into
silver stars.

I wept at Your bright armies;

and I could only bow my head

wolfish sorrows stalked away

and shadow-puppet Scorn

knew Dread.

suddenly everything turned to song

like a forever Eastertide
and we were finally by Your side

and couldn't be overthrown-

mary angela douglas 7 february 2010

*After C,S, Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia