Monday, September 30, 2013

Brocade (Gold-Leafed Were The Tears She Cried)

gold-leafed were the tears she cried
into the mirroring brook.
those of slender means would know
and dreaming children at their sums

in a dress of apricot and Empire-styled-

just how far she had to go.
gold leafed were the tears she cried:
peach-bright, mourning the last of the pears.

and ancient ballads prophesied

the demise of plum blossoms
all around her;

all around her, the twilight of the flowers;

all around her, the lavender snows.
gold-leafed were the tears she cried
and for the children at their sums:

simpatico, in a dress of flowing apricot

and velvet in the waning hours
of Light

mary angela douglas 30 september 2013