Friday, October 04, 2013

And Who Is Climbing There I Cannot See

I'm holding the ladder to who knows where
and who is climbing there
I cannot see

let pink tissue clouds fly by the rungs

and polish the silver of the children's haloes
I'm holding the ladder for someone else

let lights be swung in colors mystifying

missing the cues but we're going on anyway
scene after scene I'm losing the lines

and not prepared or asked to be

but here's the cottage
with the roof of pink sugar

only I know.

the turtledoves; oh, let it be understood,
the heart of papier mache, sweet
slippers of mauve or blue
laced up anew for someone else's gold ballet.

and I'm holding still the way I should

not marring the picture 
perfect crystal of the choirs;
the fairytale motto, over the door 

mary angela douglas 4 october 2013