Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eating Off Flower-Sprigged Dishes

eating off flower-sprigged dishes
my last crust of bread
(it may be, for awhile)
You  are the honey butter spread

on hill and vale.
and cherry are the Sunday bells
deep cherry is the sound

and this is music and I am glad
for the garnet globule of jam in the jam jar
the last  few pickle chips floating in brine.

who cares let's all wear cherry velvet in our minds
and lap the cream from the clouds You send 
it's more than manna to be this alive

enamoured of the cherry sounds
when the honey butter's spread this thickly round the town.
and words feel like the cherry-cheese center of the pastry 
of the world when You 

first dreamed it

mary angela douglas 13 october 2013