Sunday, October 20, 2013

Flat Out Soliloquy In The Old Folks Home/Her Parakeet Said So

butter rum candy you're my dream
crunched in the mouth while
buttercups gleam

or daisies pinken in the Himalayas;
while parakeets in a tiny room, rose-curtained-
learn to throw shadows peacock blue
in every corner oh, it's noon:

I'll lunch on butter-rum candy-
while flipping through old magazines
for postcard inserts from the 1940s book

guilds.  I'll send them in all postage paid
5 hardbacks for a dollar :
classics with vintage covers

and a roll or two of butternut candy
to bribe the
time-warped publishers and God, perhaps
so I can stay on earth to eat 

just one more piece
of butter rum candy.
and have something good to read, finally.

mary angela douglas 20 october 2013

Note to Reader: No, it's not a typo I did mean to say butternut candy inthe part about the bribe.  Either she wasn't going to give away the butter rum candy to anyone or her mind slipped a little turning butternut ice cream, her favorite into a new candy flavor. Possibly if this were a novel or short story she would patent the new candy flavor, become extremely wealthy and live in a mansion with time-warped cheap editions of the classics purchased from
goodness knows, where else...