Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flowers For Thomas Leland

to Thomas Leland Murphy, my cousin
 (August 1983-April 2013)]

you seemed to smile kindly on the few friends

who knew you
who dared to leave comments before

comments were closed.

but what do I know
having been far from home

for such a long time now

I've probably disappeared
from all the albums.

a dry wit, they said.

a kind of gallantry implied
in yearbook autographs.

twenty nine years old

in love with cinema
self-effacing I am sure
conscientious at the supermarket

with a sunlit word or two

for a customer near
the early strawberries-

a friend to everyone on break.

don't send flowers the
notice read

in a typeface fit for a wedding.

Thomas Leland, here
I leave for you I lay

before your dreaming now

who never met you in life
the choicest bouquet
of all the emerald Aprils you have bereaved

and heaped up, shining-without stint-

every flower of the impearled fields...

mary angela douglas 29 october 2013