Thursday, October 03, 2013

Light Years Cannot Distance You Oh Lord

light years cannot distance you  oh Lord
or that the lions' roaring after they have fed
resembles all the speech I dread

oh God tap on the pane of my sleep
I fear the colors of the hurricane
the tear-washed headlines

on the celebrated page,
the endless conning.
light years cannot distance you

who made the zebra visible through
snows or darkest nights:
handy as a toy wound up for

all the holidays 
of striped survival.
hide me from those

endlessly unhappy for my happiness
in any instance of Your goldenness
help me stay alive in this

kingdom of chameleons
who mean well, maybe, when they flicker away precisely green
on a green leaf, yawning decisively

red on the rose rosepetal
brimming with leadership far from my plight
and never a friend.

without You I am waning
even when Your sugar bowl moon is full.
light years may You search for me

small thimble on a miniscule wave
You'll need me in Your starry sewing,
won't you?

so far from the glittering of the Cote
of any jeweled name
I bob in the waters.

only You will see me

mary angela douglas 3 october 2013