Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lilliput Or Something Like It Somewhere

oh tiny country
built to scale
once you were writ large;

now you're a favorite charm
on a charm bracelet shaken
by infinitesimal barley breezes

or if someone sneezes

setting off alarms
in my heart for you
I will stand guard in
my nonentity

since I love it goes without saying
your amethyst ant hills,still.

your small pears' windfall

in a golden heap
disturbs the sleep of gnats

and I long to kick

all your toy barricades down
knowing God is the owner of
the Great and minuscule

and how have you withered, then from

what He had made?

but I remember, once, the sheer

undulating  and the free
 emerald of your plains

sustained my childlike song and not
the woe and weal of these your
 roped in
ripped off
fields, your fields, your fields

mary angela douglas 15 october 2013