Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Cherry Pie Medley With A Peach Pocketbook

it's cherry marvelous sighed a little girl somewhere
after hard traveling.
it's peach pie perfect

and medlied with all-spice, cinnamon

and coloured sugars and of course,
it's apple pie every day of the week

with whipped cream peaked to perfection

and dyed pale pink with strawberries.
it's the extra gooseberry in the fruit cocktail 
blueberry skies in a hometown twilight,
infinitely, smiled her mother.
blue taffeta...

it's your Sunday best when you're in cherry velvet

with a peach pocketbook
and lace frills in your speech or
ruby red patent slippers

mirroring the rose, rose-bright cotillion.

and snow fresh air.
and I am wearing a dress
of frost white stars, semi-formal,
before you disappear

it's Christmas everywhere

at the same time
and Christmas raspberry pie with a pink pearl star on top
and ice cream every other minute; little cakes

with icing to match the spring

pastels for the Dior
paper dolls (and they're all Dior,
my dear, circa 1950);

it's a wishing well, when every dime

whole-heartedly you fling, every silkenly single thing when wishing
for a world is blessed

and caught by God.

it's- happiness...

mary angela douglas 5 november 2013