Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sleigh Bells From Mahler Drifted Near

sleigh bells from Mahler drifted near
in the way that I remembered it
oh how much farther I could have gone then
down the wishing wells of the world

to find my home again.
you leave the table and the strawberry jam
stepping out into molten sunshine
just for awhile

and it seems so rich as though it could not fade
but life is not this way despite the bells drifting
over a landscape of precious inner snow
each time the music plays;
the doorbell rings ,the little dog barks
as if in a fairytale, this never happened

you will say, not I

brighter than diamonds ever could be
of the ripple cast by the small stone
given me by my Grandfather
from star showers long ago
in our clover patched backyard.
and just before Christmas and the Star-
the angels keening in the Heavens

mary angela douglas 26 november 2013