Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Things That Did Not Come To Pass

a dress of apricot in the marbled shade
she could have worn;
happy in an antique legend,

the one embellished and cherry-sprigged

in the children's storybook;
the one they coloured in

as though she could be

more beautiful to them.
a dress of apricot trimmed

in pale green to be worn

when gazing at the wind
that shears the leaves that shears the leaves

of all the golden trees

in or out of a fondest dream
a dress of apricot

a gleam in the stream of infinite song

she could have sung
but I live off the page and far away

she said

and where the apricot moon is splashing
on the children's faces in the afternoon

when they are sleeping

and don't know yet what Time is

mary angela douglas 13 november 2013

P.S. "Shade" refers to shade under the shade tree on "marbled" paper usually used in expensive, handcrafted books or on the effect of light and shadow on any scene in impressionistic style paintings being permanently painted so as to resemble marble in the sense of being now:  beyond evanescence...