Friday, November 01, 2013

We Are Not All Turned To Stone

bewitched in a fairytale far from home
still you wonder
why did they turn to stone

while the green leaves still

twined above me
refusing to leave me.

I could have refused to leave

but not now.
now that everyone's gone

though home remains and

is showered by the rose trees
what difference can it make

if I return

bringing a casque of gold
with all jewels overflowing

wearing a frock of rose

of everything, then
I waited to be.

here are the souvenirs of

blinding light, remembered.
and I'm in  a house of jonquils

Easter cold again and happy

even though you will not listen.
know that I know.

the fairytales are not finished.

we are not all turned to stone

mary angela douglas 1 november 2013