Friday, December 06, 2013

It Wasn't The Doll-Like Certainty Of The Bride

it wasn't the doll-like certainty of the bride
I sought from You, Lord.
but only to know the Father of the

Light inside and glide through tempests.
it wasn't a doll like certainty veiled,
feted adorned with life-like flowers
for which I cried.
why would I when

You have given all the stars
without being asked.
and your flowering floats
from winter skies
and each springtide
petaled numberless and fragrant
beyond the heart's capacity
to abide..

it isn't the doll-like shine I missed
the temporary shelter time after time.
how could I when .
only one gleam of your

sustained me-
one sparkle that lit-
the Magi on their way

mary angela douglas 6 december 2013