Sunday, December 22, 2013

No Muted Merry Christmas Angels Sang

did they 
have a meeting earlier in the year
and not invite the rest of us
who still believe
all sugarplumed, lay plans to have no
muted Merry Christmas?

experimenting, I went everywhere.

I smiled; then I was welcome
speaking of this and that. 
Then I said Merry Christmas!
bonhomie scattered like geese
in flight before gunshot.

happy holidays they whimpered.
or, the same to you, I'm sure,
they sniffed.
wanting to remain cool in the world wide
cool club where God Knows Who
makes the rules; I never did.

my reputation for a Christmas song.
did I say something wrong

my inner child laughed.
oh let me say it louder then.

on earth, on earth
quadrophonically now in

surround surround surround surround sound
in cathedral bells in neighborhood gingerbread;

white lighted snowfall lamplit candlelit knowing
Light has come into the world let me be Merry
and know why
and never be ashamed.

oh heralding angels weren't
oh, Christ the King

Christ the King
Christ the King
is chiming snow bright in the air

ring out my evergreen children everywhere

 mary angela douglas 22 december 2013