Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time At The Fairytale Threshold Cannot Pass

time at the fairytale threshold cannot pass:
let the lime tree flower endlessly by
the little door or suddenly turn to snow who knows

why distaff gold once spun
is spinning yet and twelve princesses
in rainbow raiment find 12 reasons

to be glad in their worn shoes
where it's always twilight dancing
that's not much further down your

dreaming mind and you will stand
in deep midwinter by the rosebuds
not knowing how you came;

forgetting to bloom in the snow
and breathe the haloes
round them, rosy-ringed

not feeling the cold at all.

oh inexplicable were the things you
ought to know; that they remain.
so holding the sea glass shimmer in your hand

half-waking in your room
these tokens of light sustain 
the music of the tune that

you were there
oh, you know you were

with your mystified heart
your umpteen reasons to be glad
that the waves would not depart

because you loved them

mary angela douglas 18 december 2013