Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Paperweight Pennysworth Of Pink Quartz Hearts, Please

"here is the paperweight of pink quartz hearts.
that can't be broken;
a gift for a seamless dream, occasionally,
don't you think? a misplaced birthday,

a tin woodman on his way;

the bracken valentine burnished
like the burning bush"-

(the salesperson shimmered in the high-end retail
scheme of things.)
"near the castle lies the fairytale bridge

and mother of pearl, the moat filled to the brim

and certainly.
you can't ask for much more, these days,
for the price."

these days.
the pink quartz stars shine in the afternoons
of carnation tissue sunsets

 in the winter cold

and the peach bright something
out of reach is still, in the mind,
a lovely thing

not needing to be owned.

mary angela douglas 2 january 2014;rev. 2 january 2015