Sunday, January 19, 2014

Newswires Slowly Gathered/ Not Everyone Loved The Sixties And Their Aftermath Part 1

in a world of causes why should the soul
be caught in the brambles
like a superfluous guest trapped at the party?

what do you want with the soul?
I asked the malefactors trespassing
once again in the moonlight: 

can the soul protest?
is there a pennant gold enough to wave
for injuries against the Soul?

these things take their toll.
oh, miss the parades that waste your time.
believe in what you are and study harder while

clinging to the tower going under; it only seems to be.
let those who seem and cannot be take charge of the ripples 
widening in the Pond;and pitch their tents in the pitch black 

nothingness of world wide fame, applause.
and celebrate celebrity.
God and the Soul are one without them,

mary angela douglas 19 january 2014;20 nov. 2014