Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Picture Book

may you remain on earth a long time
a few pages smudged with melted chocolate
not by design
or emphatic turquoise crayon scribbled on

yet part of a snowiness that will endure

wedged in your cardboard seams,
trellised in your rose bright borders
whenever a golden something
treads invisibly on the apricot sash of

the princess and we held our breath

to see what astonishment is made of
on the very next page.

among all toys you're queen or

king of the domino kingdoms
splashed with finger paints

a little cobwebbed, only in starlight.

wars can come and go but not here.

in the lilac friendly neighborhoods
so dear to your bound kingdoms everywhere
the grass grows waist high
with no complaints from the neighbors;

your rising sun watercoloured

between two green hills
a little chalky, light peach

first day of all first days the best preserved

jam or jelly of all berries the most delicious
fairy splendid compote.

I wrote you on my heart back then

most beautiful page turning that
has ever been at the
pink frosted picnic that can never end;

of friends, the best:
exorbitant, exuberant rainbowed


mary angela douglas 8 january 2014