Monday, January 27, 2014

The Broken Chinaware Of The Exceeding Dream

[after seeing the mosaics, and mixed-media of Priscilla Williams, January 27, 2014, Forsyth  County Central Library, Winston-Salem, North Carolina]

the broken chinaware of the exceeding dream
sets face up in the mire of gold unseen but felt.
it's raining permanent tulips
roses down the sky

on the lady in green beneath delft Blue 
I wonder why we didn't see her before
where the clouds don't move nor does the 

sun; it's almost heaven rose-tipped in a frame
that cannot break again and newlywed
when ladies with amethyst wings just sprouting

half-dance against the blue and white tile
to qualify as shy, happy angels in training
Here springtime does not lie
because it cannot change what it is.

chipped sapphire,
it's all coming back to you when
she holds time in her careful hands:
making something beautiful
out of the shattered, piecemeal,
musical as Sundays

mary angela douglas 27 january 2014