Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Should You Say Simply What You Can Spell Out In Stars

why should you say simply
what you can spell out in stars
in time lapsed roses in a
magic garden surprise oh

surprise at the birthday
wishes, wishes for (don't say it) realized
but through an unforeseen door

a window left ajar
and there are Peter Pan and
the others trailing their
sparkles behind them for

us to garner still
for garnet on garnet's
scattered in the skies
if you can find the right
word for it otherwise

it's just plain purple
not even purpereal
good enough for some
and never damson, plum
or white violets sighed the
princess finding them first
in the April woods before
her companions

everyone knows who knows this
that the birds keep flinging roseate roseate roseate
into the aurora, not the sunrise.
oh burst upon us silverly, lost demanding music
rose on vivid rose new crown-ed damask:
we are half-sick of prose

mary angela douglas 26 January 2014