Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Carnival Music All The Time

["He led captivity captive..."

Ephesians 4:7-8, The Holy Bible]

carnival music all the time
was moving the sunsets' ferris
only so far into
the clouds tipped with rubies,
emeralds, a sense of flight always
beginning again

from the ground, then stifled.

I held the hand of the wind
and couldn't look down
and wished for wings
my God

they tore them off

and just kept moving
to the organ grinding sound
ground into the soul
you know what that is.

you know but it's not sunset after all

when rose and lemon and mint
keep reappearing with a shake of your
pure kaleidoscope undefiled; the violet fugue
I listened to when I was free when I was awake,
before I knew them.

it's drifting through the waltzes of Chopin

and the blessed horizons now
where they've all left town finally
deserting the interiors.

that God has not disappeared

from the equation of the new made clouds
the stars-in-waiting and the
mother of pearl fault lines in
this evening breeze

mary angela douglas 4 february 2014