Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I Want To Find The Gold Lining Of The Lines

I want to find the gold lining of the lines
thought Ellen Terry while the world is mine-
and do blossoms fall down the balcony scene

or is it the shadow of snows to come
freezing the heart suddenly?

I could turn to other things

housekeeping, the stars,
keeping the galaxies in order

except that the draperies of odd speeches
will not leave me until I dream them all aloud.
forgive me Shakespeare:

anyone at all caught sliding down the banisters

of the fustian stage should realize
Time cannot be cheated of

the best role in the end
who puts to sleep
ah very deeply through negligent ages

oh dearth of merriment and the greenwood

rhymes-can no one hear?
the golden lining of all the lines
I have ever found on earth.

mary angela douglas 5 february 2014