Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Go Into The Fairy Forests With Your Professional Demeanors

almost a fairy tale started to breathe
deep in an acorn under a tree
waving its rosy arms and knees
by the mirrored willows.

by the mirrored willows.

almost a fairytale in the frosts of

those who chided:you are lost
and why are you dressed so costly

they sang in the freeze of the winter they brought on.

ah, it is gone before it started they chortled and then
cavorted under the mirrored willows seeping

when better fairies wandered through

with something better left to do:
rose breathing on the tarnished mirror-

oh then, envision...
mire sprouting from the paradigms, gulp, gulp

oh sprick and sprat and a deep green mist

and all of that
dented the office profiles...


mary angela douglas 24 june 2014;rev. 23 april 2015

P.S. my summer ghost story.