Saturday, June 28, 2014


asking Christ to have mercy.
like asking a rainbow to have colours;
a cloud, for drift;
a language for words.

Christ, have mercy.
Flower, have petals.
Time, have minutes, have hours
have seconds of silver insult.
have what you are that we don't trust

and think to have Heaven by mistrusting.
Kyrie Eleison.
bells, have reverberation.
effect! have cause. cats, have claws.
pond, in the raindrops, have ripples and

music, have notes! we will you to. oh
wind, green branches.
jam, have sweetness, in the jar;
earth have gardens and gardens and gardens
where there is no deceit;

where no one is taken at midnight
and split from what they are
from star to star
Christ had mercy.
Christ had mercy.

Christ, has mercy.

mary angela douglas 28 june 2014