Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Rhapsody In Blue Raspberry Circa 1962

my candied appled angels smile quite stickily
and - cartoon - bo-ing!-their curls spring out ahead
of the rose boiled humidity of my hometown remembered.

reading lulu comics frame to frame and drinking orange soda in the rain and scooping up my summer books as if they were flowers I'll not rearrange, let them spill out of trunks, like looted 

jewels although I bought them at my school: for 25 cents apiece.
it's summer rules now. and I pick all the gardenias that I can
for the green glass vase from my great grandmother.

oh to live in a gardenia space could anything be cooler
 in this heat.
the garden sprinkler's on and we go barefoot ballet through it

dispensing with the sun oh now it's twilight painted on the lawn and even the purple gnats have come to the party
where we drink "fizzies" by moonlight

from the striped jelly glasses.

mary angela douglas 22 june 2014