Saturday, October 25, 2014

Full Magic Dwells With Him

[to C.S. Lewis

and to Dr. Louis Markos for the intensified magic of Lewis --reinterpreted}]

above all, to Our Lord and King...

full magic dwells with Him

the greening of the stars
the rose unclosed bright as the infant snows

and rainbow beading rain all

diamond shot on the windowpanes
we will load thickly with

Christmas stencils, holly flamed

or muted green of  pine;the bells we
cannot name, the faery foam of Time

that's disappearing here

and funneled where?
on dreaming's other side?

the back of the mirrors?

in the King's library under lock and key?

though Rose be

crimson as the heart yet stilled
we are by the perfumes spilling

silverly on the winds:

His secret lilies.
dwell apart

and so must we

to see beyond seeming.
He glides there too

adown the merest molecules of light

is flight itself oh fly from us never
for I fear the night is coming when it's

dream on dream suspended: in This,

our Heaven and our wilderness until

beyond the window sills of all our dreaming

full magic is forever upon us and more
than Once Upon...

mary angela douglas 25 october 2014