Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Picture Book At The End Of The World

the picture book at the end of the world
stamped with the King's foil roses
I breathed in:

yes, they were all there: what's counting for

if not to see that!
with their petals rare in

the picture book at the end of the world.

I saw the house I knew was mine

with the lilac bush, pink peonies
a fence of moonlight over Time

and there in a dress of velvet cream

in love with the dawns by an old rope swing
my hand is pressed unto my heart

remembering: this is all

the may-have-beens, o
 cherry, cherubic Valentine

of the picture book at the end.

on a page of snow

you'll fall asleep
and it's so quiet in the Deep

where someone, someone sings to you

in the picture book.
oh, are we through?

cried tearful children wondering:

how far there was to go and,
is Christmas near?

two pages green and one of blue

my dear, is all there's left for you.
for you-

and one that's pink

and full of stars
but we won't get that far today

my mother said; shifting the

violet shadows- then-
the picture book at the end of the-

you know! tucking us in...

mary angela douglas 22, 23 october 2014