Monday, October 27, 2014

The Princesses And What They Wore

[to my intricately favorite fairy tale, "the twelve dancing princesses"]

oh what did you wear to the secret balls

I whispered to the twelve princesses
in a picture book of silhouettes...

of course, beaded slippers to match.

was it peacock blue with tiny hearts of
purple stitching; rustling, a moon dress

palest green beyond the yellowing trees;

or lamplit gold, and fold on fold?
peach shadows with

your favorite bit of lace and

not a trace of sadness, glistening?
carnelian earrings...

I wore cherry silk the eldest one

replied, a shawl of milk jade green
and sparkly slippers from the Queen

last Christmas.

the rest, demured.

I, I said the youngest, softly.

who am I.
dressed in blue twilights' finery,


gathered up with one pink rose.
I wore only Song.

mary angela douglas 27 october 2014