Sunday, November 02, 2014

Alice In Tears Before The Brilliant Garden, The Smallish Door

"[I am the Door..."
Jesus, John 10:9-16, The Holy Bible]

coming to that spot on the ice blue maps,

haven't they all wondered: (those explorers)
what will we find? o what did you have in mind

no ghost of Geographies ever asked them
 kindly, near the shores;

but we slipped through a golden door.

the heart counts up the fatal separations
as if they were Spanish gold.
these summers pass...

but they remained cheerful on fatal expeditions

and not yet cued to ask as if with that Choric voice
replacing your own if you're not circumspect:

what is it WE are leaving?  for who could ever

that lost book bind.

and all is fallen or about to fall felt the child

trembling before alphabet towers trembled and caved reminding himself, wholly without words: be- careful.

coming to the end of this never-quite-beginning

what will I find
and will the grown-ups believe when it's only I 

am holding the vanished faces

without  breaking them at all
Humpty Dumptied off the Wall...?
a task for variety show adepts before the shimmering

curtain closes;and ebbs and ebbs the ragged applause

so said the Queen in rose red words
painted over...
reading my thoughts as if they were her own.
(but they were not)

before- she- struck- me.
or was it you- or you
Mock Turtle sighed into the Soup
of which he was the finest ingredient:
lugubriously, oh who struck who.

it's whom it's whom someone accused.
when Riddles Began little party favors
no one would want.

oh what have you kept? what has

been left to your keeping? whatever you must weep for
when the disasters have finished with you

I called through the snow tunnels - can I answer that? 

but who was there left to Grade me? yet I'm,
gathering up the fragments of pink and blue...
the shiny pencils handing it all in and my

scattered lore, my starlit stance. 

and what do you adore the White Knight asked
while his lance melted and the green grass roared goodbye
 goodbye forever to Nebuchadnezzar

was wept in a light blue dress, leaving us
to implore

oh let it be God o may I slip through the golden Door

mary angela douglas 2, 3 november 2014;11 november 2014