Friday, November 07, 2014

And These Are The (Faerie) Stuffs You'll Use To Make Your Poems

[in memory of the day my sister Sharon showed me the contents of Mrs. Caruth's classroom costume closet...]

and these are the (faerie) stuffs you'll use to make your poems
the dream teacher said quite matter-of-factly
while we hardly dared to breathe there was so much

beauty piled: soft, pink sprigged brocades, crinolines
in contrasting colours, the gold threaded
dress surely the Queen must wear in the coveted play sweet year

after third grade year: rose scented garments
for the Princess asleep,
not yet auditioned for-

the purple netting the pink rayon rayed and beyond,
the jonquil yellow with the grass coloured sash
the pasteboard crowns so gemmy.  Oh,  I dreamed I want to be

all of it and I knew you felt the same while we played
at matching the costumes to the roles. oh later
in your red tennis shoes visible from the stage

you shone: the lilac redeeming fairy in the play

so earnestly bringing the best to pass
the looking glass world into sequined focus

mary angela douglas 7 november 2014