Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remember To Save The Breadcrumbs Out

[in memory of my mother
and of the earth's greatest storyteller, Ray Bradbury]

remember to save the breadcrumbs out

in case of real emergencies
whenever the moonlight vanishes

and then, reappears

she said, softly and was gone.
or cup the sun in your hands
one warm July for years

and take it home
even if they all laugh at you for it.
hard winter comes on fast

in every clime and the
fairytale chime can't last
unless you believe it can.

and keep
a pantry full of stars, of blueprints
of a home on Mars decorated for Christmas

your bookshelves

full your heart as full of stories
as God, at least, try, won't you?
sweet joy in everyday holidays,


mary angela douglas 13 november 2014