Saturday, November 29, 2014

They Knock All The Game Pieces Down When They're Not Winning

they knock all the game pieces down when they're not winning
said the little girl no longer in storybook land.
that's what they do.

not even at Christmas will they talk to you,
not even when you bring presents.
I'd tell you what I'd do if you wouldn't use

all secrets for yourself.
steal up to the gingerbread house with
feather light footsteps and snatch the

peppermint bark right off the roof:
wait for a foggy day to do this.
then run like heck another way

having been warned in a dream.

that's how to play nicely whenever the gleam of something false attracts you;
whenever you're lost in the woods or the day
with only one butterscotch ray, (finely wrapped)

 in your pinafore pocket.

mary angela douglas 29 november 2014