Sunday, November 09, 2014

Who Loved Beauty Most Perhaps

who loved Beauty most perhaps was the one we didn't see
filing past us on the street, that moment in the cafe
or on the bus.

who loved Beauty most was perhaps silent about it
from too much love. reticent. nothing to write home about.
who loved Beauty most did not excel in school

and later on made do with the crumbs from the
Christmas feasts of the world. watched a little tv
or the crimson leaves falling in the park.

the fireflies after dark, first buds on the trees
the snowflake clouds perceived.
was often at home.  unvisited.

slicing the liverwurst thin in the
mustard coloured kitchinette.
perhaps with not even a dog or cat.

who loved Beauty most stayed home from the Ball
while the stepsisters came back loaded with the souvenirs
the wish you were here postcards sent a little late.

but in dreams

had no peers.

mary angela douglas 9 november 2014