Monday, December 15, 2014

Hope Is The Best Poem Of All

[to the cyber-bullies, trolls, who waylaid my poem (Tundra, Perhaps The Silver Forests...) on the blogsite Scarriet Actualy I never posted this poem (in comments) on the poetry blog Scarriet. The person or persons went to this blog (TO THE RUSSIAN POETS) and selected the first four lines for intense ridicule before I had even dedicated it to Osip Mandelstam. But then, Osip Mandelstam was bullied to death.]

"Hope thou in God, for I shall yet praise Him..."
from Psalm 42:11

hope is the best poem of all
I said to the lowering clouds
to the cruelty of random strangers

tearing the fleece of my poem
behind their halloween masks.
never mind it will mend:

the gold, the rubied thread
of the word in kindness said
for Beauty's sake:

oh snare it all apart and snag! it still
will show in the flowering moonlight
as God planned; in the vast snows

of His Hand.
hope is the best poem of all
you charlatans sounding the moonlight

from the shallows of world-wide Poetry
not on trial here!

the conversations of angels

mary angela douglas 15 december 2014