Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kindness Flowed Away I Wept

[God be with all bullied individuals;may they have a Heaven
 all their own]

"kindness flowed away!,"
 I wept into a stream I thought was living;
kindness cannot stay, and I cried "gold"-
but the hills only echoed yellow, yellow.

and I cried "sold" and I did not lie
and worn down slippers caught out in the rain
and working for a living just the same

and sopping wet and spit on in the plains
that leveled out the sidewalk
 countries, dreams, unravelings...
toe stubbing curbs unnerving.

this leveled out as well, when numbed was pain,
innured to the everyday, the catcalls on the way,
innumerable; autumnal cackling.
sidewinder disguises

peeled like a fresh stick
so you'd know exactly who was laughing then.

somewhere a Heaven awaits where this is solved
and kindness stays at home secured and humming
the cherry tunes she used to
when the world was new: the cat fluffed at the window

stalking no shadows,
semi-admired the view.
the teakettle sang and nothing broke
in the cabinets rattler rattling heartsore- heartsore-


mary angela douglas 23 december 2014