Monday, December 29, 2014

Party Invitation With Pink And Gold Balloons To My Guardian Angel

if I serve angel hair pasta
with a heavenly sauce
and we have angel food cake

intermittently, can you come
will you come?

or fill all the candy jars
with Pink Divinity.
with or without pecans?

I'm sorry I keep tripping on
my shoelaces or the moonlight
so that it's all you can do to

keep me from falling downstairs
and yes, I know this has been
going on since the First Grade

and yes I realize you're not the
Lost and Found and that you could
start a museum with all the umbrellas

that I left behind on trains
and that you're tired of my tirades
and moodiness when I can't remember

where I put It "it" being a useful noun
to indicate "everything".
I realize you've only one pair of wings

and you would like to be doing greater things
than fetching.
I'd play harp music if you came if You'd only

help me reclaim the you know what from
the pawn shop. do let's talk.
it's been Ages...

mary angela douglas 29 december 2014