Tuesday, December 02, 2014

To Those Deceived By The Irreverent Reverends, My Christmas Card To You

[to Jesus Christ, the Lord, alone-]

keeping watch over the glasslike, does He never sleep?
arcing over the Deep even still; anonymously, to many of the World
his fresher rainbows, doves at hand-

am I on the ark sighed the child still sleeping
(the child I used to be) and
am I far from land?
questing the knights put by their garlands

staving off the hordes in Christmas land
but it's not here: my creche, my snow trimmed everywhere-
what have they done with it and with the stars?

I was a shepherd once beholding, shepherdess-
I was a lamb; they stole me from His hand.
He followed me...

give over grieving. how many times should you
leave the same thing.
they were the false Christs. he alone was true

Jesu, rose bright in Your wounds that will not end
till all imposters stand in the dock in the
 klieg lights of the Truth
of what remains to us, the deceived-

His beautiful Kingdoms, still.

mary angela douglas 2 december 2014