Monday, December 01, 2014

Words Fall Away From My Language Tree

words fall away from my language tree
is it autumn, then, I asked the tear streaked wind;
oh what is vanishing?

so much remains to say,
to paint in swirls on the clouds forever shifting
saying, goodbye-

goodbye to the trees, goodbye to the air
they shine and then they are not there.
is it the same with words, my words

falling in golden shards echoless anywhere-
everywhere I turn a message burns as if from God
a leaf falls before from a tree and there is no wind
and in the middle of the sentence where you walk away

it still won't turn to stone.
so much is shattered in the day-to-day;you know
we just rebuild.

and water the tree of language
waiting for snows to hush the landscape

while the poems sleep like flowers undersea
and know nothing of this.

mary angela douglas 1 december 2014