Monday, January 26, 2015

A Far Away Feeling At The Birthday Party

[a true story...]

a far away feeling at the birthday party
and you remember something from the long ago
yet, how can you? you're only ten years old.

the cake seems meant for someone else.
the raspberry ice from some other season.
you feel beyond all rhymes and cannot reason it out

you only feel:

surveying the table as if from soft distances:
are these presents
wrapped in pink and blue with their contrasting

curled ribbons really meant for you?
and there's a strangeness like an invisible guest
who says to you suddenly but in your own language:

but who are you? you wonder, suddenly apart.
and the sun leaves rings on all the furniture.
the children's voices

still like larks but
in a garden someone before you knew
are just beside you in their party dress and festive too but

you're in a larger room...

mary angela douglas 26 january 2015