Thursday, January 01, 2015

Like The Astronaut On The Outside Of The Spaceship

how can we figure out a Mystery that we are in?
to figure it out, really, wouldn't we have to stand, somehow,
completely outside it all?

like the astronaut on the outside of the spaceship
called on to do repairs who floats like stars or nebulae
though he's still tethered-

and if not, still, he'll dissolve in
a Universe we can't find the limits of.
going indoors is no help at all,

even in the attics.
farther in is deeper still
down to the last trunk unpacked.

though we try on every costume
read over every vintage valentine
we find we're still stuck somehow

reading the Narrative line
while the Story's still going on, the ending
not yet clear

since we can't write it

mary angela douglas 1 january 2015