Monday, January 12, 2015

Where Are The Poems Embroidered With The Moon

where are the poems embroidered with the moon
you asked your shadows in a silver room
when there were no replies.

and children wondered not you wondered why
and who was then the guardian of sighs
the story of old kingdoms locked and barred.

these schoolrooms cannot carry light much less the one
into columns out of sight and the blackboards parry
but they cannot spell in colours upon colours

the way that we did once on butterscotched sidealks.

these kingdoms steal away the christmas snows;
the tinfoil crowns in the kindergarten plays and where
are the poems embroidered with Your suns and

all the hidden amber stored for another day
in the nectared histories of what could happen.

where are the words that could have been spun
like honey on bread. the curtains at the window;
the violets in her shawl where the winds blew

all the Springs away:
when music in you fled: small  rosebuds cried
without the colour "Red"

and penny valentine cardboards sifted
the hurricanes

mary angela douglas 13 january 2015;7 february 2015