Monday, January 05, 2015

In A Tight Corner Lost At Work I Thought

in a tight corner lost at work I thought
 of meteors striking earth:
oh sweet reprieve and greatly to be desired more than

this subsisting in the honeycomb.

or suddenly, I thought, when scolded for what I failed to
bring to the table thinking it was already set:
may a small disaster come this way

and I will bring it pink bouquets and
whistle while I don't have to work
for those who think I cannot spell.

oh wishing well, where are you now?
I've got so much to tell you:
how the days gleam shorter and

the shadows loom or 15 term papers are due
on the same Tuesday, not to mention the outlines.
writing the outlines after the fact was all

I could ever do in the land where,
 even when I was widely ruled,
thoughts hit me randomly; the earth tilting only

slightly when the clock chimed early and pumpkin-rattled,
coach unglued, they told me
I was overdue and the crystal slipper didn't matter

mary angela douglas 5 january 2015